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God moving powerfully through “ordinary people”

South Africa and the continent is experiencing a massive move of God. Hope, healing, deliverance and restoration is flowing in the nation as we speak, and the prophetic word is being fulfilled. God is pouring His Spirit over the so-called “ordinary people” in our nation and continent. He is elevating these people to prominent places of leadership and is using them to redeem communities (beginning with families/households), then villages, townships, suburbs, towns, cities and nations. These are the people with no education, no finances, no powerful names (clan names), no platforms, no fame to back them up. But God is saying: “I have chosen these ones for my end-time move”.

Through these people, the Lord is visiting and redeeming the darkest places in our land. These people are His true salt and light. God has been working behind the scenes to usher in His Kingdom and fulfil His perfect will in these remote, isolated and forgotten places. The unlikely people are being saved. The forgotten and the judged are coming to Jesus like little children. I saw deliverance taking place everywhere and instantly – without anybody laying hands on anyone. It is just God moving in the miraculous. He is extending His mercy and His grace, and removing His people from miry pits and dark dungeons. It is as though a certain light has just been switched on. This current move of God is impossible to escape. It is even impossible to predict how God is going to move next. He is revealing things in part, hence we know and prophecy in part. But He will soon bring all things to completion and He alone must receive the glory.

Family altars
My previous article, titled “Have you obtained the scroll for your family during the national lockdown?” was meant to alert us to the fact that the Lord is using the current lockdown to visit families and draw men back to Himself. He is releasing “scrolls” for individuals and families, something that will in turn help strengthen the broader Church and ensure the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Through the messages I have received since the release of that article, I came to realise that many do not know about the importance of family “altars” and why we need to repent and cleanse the generational bloodlines.

If God is currently strengthening the family altars and is using families for His End-Time move, then the information on such topics needs to be made available. God wants to bless nations of the earth through families. However, families also need to partner with Him in doing this. Therefore, an understanding of the altars and the gates is necessary.

What is an altar?
In her book, Repentance – Cleansing your generational bloodline, author and apostolic minister, Natasha Grbich, explains that “The altar is the place of connection between humans and the spirit world and the place that transactions are processed. At an altar, you can transact with heaven or hell. We have demonic altars and we have godly altars. The place where you meet to transact with God is also an altar. God’s altar is speaking for us with the blood of Jesus. The altar in heaven, Hebrews 12, is so important because it is our advocacy from Jesus – the legal advocacy of His blood for us”.

“An altar is any structure upon which sacrifices are offered or incense is burned in worship. It is the connection point to a covenant made with whomsoever in your generations. The covenant could have been made by you or your parents or anyone going back to Adam and Eve (if the covenant that was made was not with God, in other words, if it was an ungodly covenant), it would have involved principalities and demons. It would have got you certain benefits. For example, you made a covenant to gain territory, to get riches, to be famous, to fall pregnant, to have children or be the most powerful in a region. These were the types of benefits that you contracted for. Sometimes people contracted these things just for survival. They made contracts with principalities just to allow them to live.

The altar is a connection point of those particular agreements. The altar is the place where you signed the papers. The contract was presented and hell said yes. It is like you went to the bank of hell and asked for a loan and they approved the loan.

Grbich further explains that “When you consult a lawyer, you have to pay him. He will give you advice, draw up papers that you sign and then it costs you. You have to pay money to make the transaction legal. In hell, it is the same. You have to pay to have the benefit that you are asking for. There is a cost to legalise the contract”.¹

Agreeing with God to redeem the destiny of your family
I keep on referring to this book by Apostle Natasha Grbich because it is critical that we prioritise repentance in this journey – and this book is one of the greatest resources I’ve found that one can use. The repentance must begin with us individually. We must accept the guilt, that we have done wrong and allow God to journey with us in this process of consecration.

But what if I feel that I am not the one who made the covenant or who raised the demonic altars in my family? Even so, because one comes from a certain bloodline, therefore, knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or otherwise, one still is a partaker or inheritor of that which was done by those who went before him/her.

Someone before you, who had authority, might have agreed with hell and not with God. Therefore, there was a compromise, there was an error. The gates of the elders in your family were compromised, certain bad things happened and that must be corrected; you must stand in the gap to pray and repent in order that the destiny of your family and the next generations can be fully redeemed back to God.

Matthew 16:18 records what Jesus said to His disciple, Peter: “And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (KJV). In his teaching on the gates of the elders, Apostle John Osa of Kingdom Heirs Assembly in Rivonia speaks widely on this subject.

“The gate of elders is the first gate of authority in every society; everyone that will be king or leader must pass through this gate! The gates of elders first exist in heaven. It is a leadership gate that the Lord has set near His throne to shoulder the responsibility of leadership in certain areas of the Kingdom.

Now when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints” (Revelation 5:8, NKJV).

How the gate of elders became the first gate of hell
Adam and Eve were the first gate on earth. They were the extension of God’s throne of governance on the earth. When they gave in to the devil in the garden of Eden in Genesis 3, through the serpent who fronted for Satan, the head of the gate of hell, they (Adam and his wife Eve), opened the floodgates for the gates of hell to enter into the earth for a change of guard. From that time, the gate of elders became the first gate of hell on earth and its anchor in every age and sphere of human endeavour.

There is a gate of elders in every family, community, city, institution, nation, continent and the globe. Satan has used this gate of elders to oppose the Lord’s work, from the family gate to the global stage. The gate of elders in families make decisions and create ungodly traditions that trap many. This gate speaks for generations yet unborn through the traditions that they create and that we inherit; unfortunately, most of the time these traditions run contrary to the word of the Lord. “Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye” (Mark 7:13, KJV).

The destinies of many in Christ Jesus have been truncated by the traditions of the elders that sit in their families, to other elders they will meet in institutions, cities, nations and on the global level. It is important to first deal with the gate of elders from your family before you can deal with the ones in other places that are waiting for you.

We are going to deal with this gate of elders, and if we don’t get it right here from the family gate that we were born into or married into, it is unlikely that we will be able to win against this gate elsewhere. The elders of the Jewish nation handed the Lord Jesus to the Roman authorities. This elder’s gate fought the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and the gate of elders in your own locality are going to first fight your ministry and business too because you are no greater than the master, Jesus Christ. Mark 15:1 (KJV): “And straightaway in the morning the chief priest held a consultation with the elders and scribes and the whole council, and bound Jesus, and carried Him away, and delivered him to Pilate”.

The snare of the gate of elders in your family
From the ungodly traditions that dictate the rules of traditional marriage, to funeral procedures, the passage to adulthood, housewarming, business dedication practices and other aspects of life, the gates of the elders in families have been made to create traditions that run foul of the word of the Lord, which when followed or imposed on you, will make the prophetic word of the Lord for the life of the believer of no effect or watered down. “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household” (Matthew 10:36, KJV).

Fight back
The need to undo the words and ungodly traditions of the gates of elders in all aspects of our lives is critical in order to see the full benefits of the redemption package purchased by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary. This is part of the essence of what Scripture calls “working out your salvation”. “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” — Philippians 2:12, KJV.

The lack of knowledge of the activities of the gate of elders operating as a gate of hell in most families, institutions or nations, will keep the believers in those places languishing in failed promises and unfulfilled prophecies or unmaximised potential that make many live in pain and frustration. Hosea 4:6 KJV — “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because thou hast rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children” 

Taking the battle to the gate
The Lord wants us to take the battle to the gate of elders that have set on the destinies of our families, institutions, cities and nations. “And for a spirit of judgment to him that sitteth in judgment, and for strength to them that turn the battle to the gate” — Isaiah 28:6, KJV. You need to come to the Lord through fasting for this special assignment. An Esther fast is the most powerful fast to deal with the gates of elders in your family.

The story of Esther is the story of a godly queen who took on the gate of institutional eldership in the nation. The elder, known as Haman, who was Chief of Staff of the king, wanted to wipe out Esther and her people; Esther went through a three-day fast without food or water with members of the Jewish community to overturn the counsel of the gate of elders that was standing in their way, and the Lord heard their cries.

The Lord is willing to extend the Esther grace to anyone or any group of people willing to accept it and go through this kind of fast (or any kind of fast that their grace can carry) to cry to the Lord against the activities of the gate of the elders that are working both from the land of the living and from the graveyards against the prophetic destiny of His people in your family.

“Let us receive grace to arise, for our God is well able to overturn every gate of hell working through the gates of elders. Ask the Father to cover your head, mind and all that concerns you in this battle, for He is faithful” – Apostle John Osa.

As a people and a nation, we can no longer claim to be worshipping God, and with the same breath, worship the dead (ancestors), or freemasons, money or power. God cannot and will not share us with other gods. He is holy.

Prayer for connecting Your spirit to the Holy Spirit
“Father I want to decree right now in Jesus’ name that my choice is to connect to the Spirit of the Living God. I inform every other spirit that I am disconnecting, divorcing and cutting myself off from you. I cut myself off from every familiar spirit that my family has made covenants with. Every familiar spirit that we brought offerings to, worshipped, offered children to, offered blood to, offered money to, offered marriage contracts to or offered seed to, I cut myself off from you. I stand against you in the name of Jesus. I decree right now that every channel that was blocked and stopped me flowing with the Holy Spirit will be unblocked by the blood of Jesus. Jesus died so that He could send the Comforter from the Father and the Son. Father, I want to thank You that I receive my Comforter, the Spirit of the Living God, the Holy Spirit.

“I want to thank You that every channel that flows with the Spirit of God is open. I declare that in all my senses, every gate, every place that I would be open to perversion, to influence, to anger, to temper, to domination by other people by their opinions or by belief systems, by the kingdoms of this world or any place where the devil would want to make a deal with me, I say in the name of Jesus that I do not want it. I switch it off; I go to the main switch that switched all of that on in my generations, in my life, in my emotions, in my mind, in my will, in my understanding, in my wants and needs, and I switch that main switch off permanently. I want to speak to all the wires that connect to me and that programme me. All the wires that are part of my impulses, part of my thinking, my reactions, everything that has conditioned me to where I am, I want to exchange that and change that. I want to speak a new transference of the wiring of God. I want to think like God thinks. I want to have the mind of Christ, I want to put on Christ. I want to declare that my life is hidden with Christ in God. Therefore, every foreign thing that has been there up to now, however it got there, I do not want it.

“I declare this is my will, my testimony, this is my choice. I am making a conscious decision that will affect my subconscious and my unconscious. It will affect the so-called collective consciousness of my community and say: ‘I am coming into alignment with Christ, as far as my soul is concerned.’ I am going to speak to it until it is sanctified fully. I will speak to my soul until it is saved, healed and delivered from whatever influences have come from the past generations in my life and in the way that I was brought up. In Jesus’ name.”

Repentance – Cleansing your generational bloodline (Helderkruin: House of Arial Gate, 2009) Volume 1, pp 161-162

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