US church commences ‘drive-thru’ prayers

drivethruOriginally published in The Christian Mail

Busy drivers in California can now be blessed by a pastor through their car window.

The first drive-thru service at the car park of the Holy Spirit Church in Fremont was held on 17th November.

Around 35 cars arrived within the first hour.

It’s proven so popular that it will now be repeated every weekday evening, during the ‘rush hour’ period.

The church itself is one of the oldest in the area, having been founded in 1886, but Pastor Rev Matthew Vellankal was keen that they should adapt to fit around modern, busy lifestyles.

He said he was inspired after hearing about a similar scheme in Florida, as well as Pope Francis’s comments that ‘we should go where the people are’.

They don’t spend any money on advertising, as a parishioner simply holds a sign saying ‘Drive Thru Prayer’ at the intersection of Fremont Boulevard and Central Avenue during rush hour.

The aim of the scheme, Rev. Vellankal says, is to offer comfort and solace to people who are very busy.

He adds: “We live in a fast-paced society and if people don’t have an hour to pray, they might have a few minutes”.

Each driver spends a few minutes with the pastor.

Services are between 5 – 6pm every weekday evening.


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