‘Vanished’ a good light read with mix of suspense and romance

vanishedBook review by Val Viljoen

VANISHED by Irene Hannon
Genre: Christian thriller

This suspense novel gets off to a good start in the opening scene. Moira is lost on back roads in the rain on the way home from a work assignment. Suddenly she is confronted in her headlights by a terrified woman seemingly appealing for her help. She is unable to avoid hitting the woman and her car spins out of control and into a tree. A man appears, seemingly to assist her, but when she regains consciousness after some time, neither the man nor the woman are anywhere to be seen.

Moira’s investigative journalist mind kicks in and she is determined to solve this mystery. To this end she hires a PI, but it is only when she hears the voice of a well respected philanthropist on a TV news programme that the action really gets underway.

Besides some good page-turning suspense, there is also romance as Moira and widower Cal (the PI) spend more and more time together as the case develops. 

Vanished is not a very overt Christian novel. Rather, it raises some ethical questions against a backdrop of Christian values. But if you are looking for a good light read, which does at least avoid poor secular values, this is a book for you.

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