Vezi Mncwango — Transforming Glory: Book Review

transforming glory

40 portraits of His transforming glory

Book Review by Rev John Alexander

Check out the self-improvement section of any bookstore and you will find a bewildering plethora of titles relating to self-improvement, self-enhancement, improving one’s self-image, and so on. And the one word that binds them all together is the little word, with HUGE implications: self.

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That is the way of the world. From earliest childhood we are taught to be self-reliant, self- motivated, independent, to stand on our own two feet. The “self” is all-important to the world.

In the prologue to his book of reflections, Vezi acknowledges that he too used to focus on self, but knew, deep down, that he was a broken man. It was only when he came to understand fully and acknowledge as true a comment by his wife that it is relationship with God that is all important that he could come to the point of repentance, receive the forgiveness and salvation of God that is in Christ Jesus, and enter into a full relationship with the living God.

Engaging reflections
In the forty short reflections or meditations that Vezi presents in this engaging book, the focus is never on the self, but always on the glory of God and how we can experience that glory. As a consequence, we look deeper and deeper into God’s transcendental glory and so grow daily more and more into the image of Jesus, until we too, dimly it is true, begin to reflect the glory of God into a dark world that desperately needs the light of Christ.

Vezi leads us to explore more deeply the Trinitarian nature of God; the mystery of the incarnation of Christ, Emanuel, God with us; the temptation of Christ; His miracle-working power; His teachings, His Kingdom, His death and resurrection; and His second coming, amongst others.

Each reflection or meditation is short and easy to understand, yet the implications of each, if one allows oneself to reflect deeply on each, are profound. By the end of the series, one has deepened one’s personal relationship with Jesus and come to understand more fully the amazing nature of His salvation, grace and mercy, above all, His overflowing love for humankind.

This is a book that all Christ-followers should welcome as an aid to understanding and experiencing the One who is wellspring and foundation of our lives.

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