Victor Kuligin — Meeting Jesus: Book review

It is a common saying that one should not judge a book by its cover.  This little book, Meeting Jesus, by South African theologian Dr Victor Kuligin, should rightly be judged by the cover because the content is as fascinating as the title and feel of the book.

Christian Art Publishers has done an excellent job in terms of the quality, level of presentation and the artistic design of the book.

Meeting Jesus is about 18 profound, biblical encounters with Christ.

In the Bible, we study, read and meditate on how Jesus walked on earth and changed the hearts, souls and minds of so many people.  Jesus healed sinners, angered religious leaders and was tempted by the devil himself.  Some thanked Him, some didn’t believe Him and others judged Him.

Kuligin is able to take Biblical encounters with Jesus, transmute them into modern-day concepts and put them into a context that makes the reader think.  He does not only write words on a page, he gently nudges the reader into asking questions about his or her own salvation.

Every day we encounter Jesus on a spiritual level, and it is this spiritual righteousness that Kuligin challenges the reader.

This book is a perfect gift for a newborn child of God as well as anyone who has walked with Jesus for a while.  It is, therefore, the type of book that will be read more than once by many.

I highly recommend this book as a gift to someone — or to yourself.

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