Vinesong touring South Africa

vinesongVinesong’s 5th tour of South Africa starts on Sunday (September 29) and ends on December 8.

Vinesong is an international team of missionaries that minister the gospel through worship and the Word throughout the nations. Originating in South Africa in 1982 and now based near London in the United Kingdom, they travel extensively 11 months of every year, regularly to 34 countries.

Their songs such as the world-renowned “Let Your Living Water Flow Over My Soul”, “Peace Like a River” and “Holy Spirit Move me Now” are sung in many nations and in many different languages. Vinesong remain unique in their ability to minister to the multi- denominational worldwide Church and this tour further serves to encourage the Body of Christ in South Africa, across denominational boundaries.

Under the leadership of the founder, John Watson, the team consists of three other members, Daniel and Charlene Kok and Rachael Gray.

Further information about the Vinesong 2013 South Africa Tour and a full listing of their performaces across the country, is available on ther website at or by calling 072 2776867

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