Walking 800km with a message that life is precious to God

The main walkers in the Sanctity Life Walk team: frome the left, Hilton and Cheryl Madden and Mark and Dalene Labrum.

An opportunity to talk to police recruits at the Police Academy in Oudtshoorn has been one of the highlights so far for a team of five walkers and three drivers who are trekking nearly 800km across the Western Cape to proclaim a Biblical pro-life message and collect signatures for a petition opposing abortion on demand, says team member Colette Thomas.

She says they addressed approximately 100 young police recruits who were about to be sent to different police stations in South Africa.

“One thing was evident that these new policemen and women were hungry for the Word of God,” she says.

At the time of receiving this update the team, which began walking on January 20, had completed 378km of the Sanctity Life Walk and had also spoken to groups at the NG Kerk Gamkavallei in Beaufort West, and to the Dyselssdorp community. Mark Labrum spoke on God’s View and the World View, Dalene Labrum’s talked about Living Abundant Life in Jesus Christ in Sexual Purity and Colette Thomas spoke on how a sinful life affects mankind and the world.

Colette says the team of  “very passionate” Christian pro-life activists from Abundant Life, Human Life lnternational SA, Value Life, 40 Days for Life,Cape Town, and Africa Christian Action are all working together as the Western Cape Pro-Life Alliance. She says they are doing it to “make a change and be a change in South Africa”.

“Our heart is that our country returns back to God and His Word. Life in our country has become very cheap and we see life as Precious in the eyes of God.”

The pro-life walkers pose with police recruits at the Police Academy in Oudtshoorn.

The wording on the team’s petition which will be handed in at Parliament in Cape Town on February 1 is: “We, the citizens of South Africa request that The Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act 92 of 1996, be amended to reflect and give effect to the right to life guaranteed in Our Constitution for all people, including the pre-born.”

The petition can also be downloaded here. The petition, with signatures, should be emailed to Colette Thomas at colettethomas.hli@gmail.com by January 30.

The walk is expected to end on Sanctity Life Sunday (January 31, 2016), a Sunday when pastors are encouraged to preach on the Sanctity of Life and to mobilise their members in the Fight for Life. On Monday, February 1 (the 19th anniversary of the legalisation of abortion in South Africa) the team will join the National Day of Repentance March for Life to Parliament where they will hand in the petition.

The Sanctity Life Walk Route (Beaufort West, Oudtshoorn R62 to Worcester, N1 Paarl, Malmesbury Table View, Cape Town) was chosen to create an opportunity to meet and greet people of the Western Cape and people from other provinces on their way to Cape Town.

“Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa. Here the unrighteous laws of Apartheid were abolished and here the unrighteous law of abortion on demand, promulgated on 2 Feb. 1997 will be abolished in Parliament, the ultimate aim of all of us involved in this battle,” says Colette.

She says the team trained hard to take on the walk and mission. However they are taking strain breaking up camp each day at 4am to avoid the hot sun. Their progress can be monitored on their Facebook page — Sanctity Life Walk.

Walking and driving team members, from the left, Colette Thomas 40 days for life Peter Throp Value Life Abundant life Jim Reid Mark and Dalene Labrum Hilton and Cheryl Madden

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  1. Mighty Men Western Cape applauds the Pro Life Team and their dedication through this walk. Piperjames will be at the march in Cape Town to bless the team with some music too. Love to all from MMC.WC