Wanderlust breaks tradition with Holy Ghost release

Screenshot from the full trailer of Holy Ghost (PHOTO: youtube),
Screenshot from the full trailer of Holy Ghost (PHOTO: youtube),

Trailblazing filmmaker Darren Wilson has released a video announcing plans for a unique release of his newest film, Holy Ghost. In the video, Wilson explains the basic concept behind a new strategy for a worldwide release for independent films.

Holy Ghost, which follows his pioneering Finger Of God, Furious Love and Father Of Lights trilogy, has already made history becoming the number 1 funded Christian film ever on the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Wilson’s company Wanderlust Productions are hopeful that their innovative release strategy will set further new records.

In essence, Holy Ghost will be released in various stages: 1) An online “Digital Premiere” on August 9, will be available for $5 to stream anywhere in the world. This premiere for which tickets can be bought here will be available for 24 hours only. The idea is for their more ardent fans to have a chance to not only see the movie a month early, but also to excite the fan base to become the marketing machine for the next phase.

2) On September 6, Wanderlust will live stream the opening night of their enormous American tour supporting the film. This stream will be free, and will include both the film and a concert with christian rocker Jake Hamilton, along with a special guest appearance by Brian “Head” Welch from the metal band Korn. This stream will be available for 48 hours.

3) The American tour of Holy Ghost will span 15 cities from September 6 – October 10 with Darren and Jake Hamilton appearing at nearly all of them. In conjunction, they hope to have over 500 churches having their own “premiere nights” during that time period. DVDs of the new movie will be available at all of the showings, all around the world. Information on how to hold a premiere is available here.

4) On September 16, the DVD itself will be released in Christian bookstores worldwide. “We threw out everything we thought we knew about releasing a movie,” says Braden Heckman, CEO of Wanderlust, “and recreated a film release from the ground up. What we came up with looks very different from traditional DVD releases, but we hope this will become a new model for other independent filmmakers in a world where all the rules are changing.”

Full trailer
Expectations for this new chapter from Darren Wilson are extremely high, as was made evident by their release of the full trailer for the film on July 2. The trailer, which was released on Facebook, was viewed nearly 2 million times within two weeks.

Commening on the Trailer, Wilson says: “I think this is the first time one of our trailers has truly captured the feel of the movie,so I’m excited for people to see it,” continues Wilson. “This whole movie is just electric from start to finish, and hopefully the trailer conveys that we’re dealing with a lot of big, deep stuff in this movie.”

“My first three films were really about my own exploration and questions,” says Wilson, “but with this movie, I’ve finally made up my mind, and I’m excited to share a movie with the world that was birthed out of the boldness that can only come from friendship with God.”The recently released full trailer of Holy Ghost, for the first time “has truly captured the feel of the movie,so I’m excited for people to see it” says Wilson who says one of his goals in making the film was “to separate it artistically as much as possible from my previous films while still holding onto the spirit of those movies. Those films featured my narrative as more of a curious everyman, wondering about everything he sees. This movie, well, let’s just say that I’ve finally made up my mind,” he says.

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