War Piper 4 Mighty Men hits the road!

Piperjames braving the rain in the early stages of his 1 500 km walk from Cape Town to Mooi River to promote the KZN Mighty Men's Conference in October

South Africa’s War Piper 4 Mighty Men, James Mc Gowan (aka Piperjames) has started his 1 500km march from Cape Town to Mooi River to promote the Kwazulu-Natal Mighty Men Conference (KZN-MMC) in October.

His wife Ina is posting daily updates of his “groot trek” on the Gateway News facebook page. It would be great if you would LIKE the page and so keep in step with the

Piperjames will be wearing his Mighty Men tartan kilt, piping as he goes, chatting to people and encouraging men to join the KZN-MMC in the Hidden Valley, on the farm Southern Cross from October 21 to October 23.

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One Comment

  1. On behalf of Piperjames I would like to thank each and every Mighty Man of God and their families for giving James a place to sleep, keeping track of his whereabouts and reporting back to me. He certainly would not be able to do this without the Mighty Man above and you!!!!!Thank you Jesus for keeping him safe.
    ps photos can also be seen on his Piperjames and Mighty Men Tartan Facebook pages.