WATCH: 24-hour governmental prayer and fasting chain launched

Christians in South Africa are invited to join a 24-hour prayer and fasting chain for the government by committing to fasting for one day per week.

In this video, Janet Brann Hollis, visionary of the widely-supported 21-day Election Fast that ended last Wednesday shares about a call she had from the Lord to launch a new initiative called the SA Governmental Prayer Watch. She urges believers to sign up and receive prayer guidelines each Monday.

Bible teacher Dr Arthur Frost, who partnered with Brann-Hollis in the Election Fast initiative, also appears in the video, encouraging Christians that although it might seem like nothing is happening, God is busy behind the scenes and is ready to fulfil prophetic words about raising righteous leaders and eradicating corruption as the Church prays.

“Let’s start fasting and praying for leadership across the board,” he urges.

You can sign up to join the campaign on the SA Governmental Prayer Watch Facebook group.

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