WATCH: Andrew Murray’s legacy and history behind Andrew Murray Spirituality Centre

The Andrew Murray Spirituality Centre in Worcester.

By Olea Nel — novelist who writes on the life and works of Andrew Murray

Most Christians today know of Andrew Murray as a prolific author of devotional books. But few know that he was a great visionary and the first to spearhead women’s education in South Africa via establishing the Huguenot Teachers Seminary in Wellington in 1874.

The desperate need at the time was to offer a Christian education to the thousands of children living on farms and in small towns where no schools existed.

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Then, barely three years later, Murray turned his attention to establishing mission stations and Christian schools to the north of South Africa. To meet this challenge, he established the Missionary Training Institute in Wellington, which over the years sent out missionaries and teachers to as far afield as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, and the Sudan.

According to a census taken in 1927 — just 10 years after Murray’s death — 1 447 schools had been established with 96 309 students and 2 699 teachers. Furthermore, no less than 72 079 African Christians had been baptised, with a further 15 282 waiting to be confirmed.

This video provides a short background to Andrew Murray’s educational and missions legacy. It also covers the present day need for a place like the Andrew Murray Spirituality Centre where ministers, Christian workers, and lay people alike can come aside to encounter God afresh and to seek His will for their lives.

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