WATCH: God commissioning churches to birth revival on streets — Janet Brann-Hollis

‘Street Church’ in action in Kwanukuthula, Plettenberg Bay

God is calling on church leaders on Sundays to take their people out of the four walls and onto the streets to make disciples across South Africa, says prophetess Janet-Brann Hollis.

She says the Lord has been speaking to her about the fact that the Church has been silenced and says that He is making a way to release revival and get His Word back into society on the streets.

She says she feels an urgency in her spirit that the Church needs to respond to God’s call “while He is commissioning us”.

One Comment

  1. I believe God is using this Virus to say ‘it is not business as usual’ it is time for change. We have done the same things for years and our situation has not improved. We apprehensive ‘sheep’ need to pray for boldness and the empowering of the Holy Spirit.
    Onward Christian Soldiers!