WATCH: God initiating spiritual revival and replenishment of land in Africa — Naomi Sheneberger

Naomi Sheneberger

God is raising a new apostolic order in the continent of Africa so that His promise of revival will begin, together with a shaking that will cause only what is from the Lord to remain, said Prophetess Naomi Shenenberger from Zambia during a historic Africa Day virtual prayer meeting on Monday.

She also said that just as the revival will bring a great harvest of souls the Lord will also replenish the land of Africa, repositioning it to become the major global economic supplier of natural resources.

She said great deposits of lithium and energy-like resources will be found in Africa and the coastline will be replenished with an abundance of marine life.

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She also said that Madagascar is the first “but shall not be the last” African country to come up with medical solutions. Madagascar has been in the news for a herbal drink that is used for treating malaria and which is being promoted as a cure for Covid-19.

Speaking to attendees of the historic prayer meeting which brought together a large number of African leaders to focus on rebuilding the continent, she said they were in the midst of a phase of reconciliation which is also spiritual warfare.

“But the Lord says your unity is power. With an imminent revival upon you, a great shaking too, is upon you, says the Lord. See I have set my remnant over the nations and over the kingdoms to root out, to pull down, to destroy and to throw down — to build and to plant. I am calling My remnant to arise in this hour and not to fear man. This is my day of visitation, says the Lord, and no man shall receive the honour and what I am about to do belongs to me, says the Lord. This is my time of glory,” she said.

She said the Lord is raising a remnant who will be strengthened and instructed by Him in the “intimate chambers of My presence”.

Shenenberger said the Lord showed her that the rest of the year will be a time of readjusting, and realigning.

“Do not become alarmed as you begin to see the walls of Jericho fall. These walls have served as a false sense of comfort and protection and you have not known it,” she said.

She also declared that Africa will bless Israel.

Watch Naomi Shenenberger share her full word for Africa:

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