WATCH: ‘War Piper for Jesus’ calls on men to stand firm

War Piper for Mighty Men and one of the leaders of Mighty Men Western Cape, Piperjames McGowan sent a video and message to Gateway News in which he calls on men everywhere to stand firm.

“Where are you? I am shouting out to men of God all over,” he writes.

“We are losing men. Men are giving up. We cannot allow this to happen. We must reach out like never before. It will only get worse as time goes by. The world is never going to be the same again. The devil is doing his utmost to drag men away from Father God in Heaven — the living covenant God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

“I am calling out to all men. Not just here in South Africa but across Africa and the world. Calling out for men to stand firm in and with and for Jesus Christ. Jesus, our only Saviour in this mad and messed-up world.

“We must draw a line in the sand once and for all. We must line up, step up to the plate, prepare our stalls and be ready, no matter the cost. We must stay sane and focused and with eyes wide open and ears firmly to the ground. Watching and listening at all times.

“We have to be there to protect our families and friends and colleagues from that devilish evil one who is constantly walking, stalking and looking to devour anyone that is not awake.

“Like soldiers in a trench, we must be ready to go over the top and keep on fighting forwards. Then, when resting, we must stand to on our required sentry duty with our eyes wide open as the night draws in and as the dawn starts to appear out of the cold dark hours — out of dead man’s’ hour. This is where it is most dangerous and where men tend to slumber and sleep far too easily.

“Churches are filled with enemy agents. They are scheming and diverting millions upon millions into the abyss. Marching them over the precipice to certain everlasting death.

“Self-proclaimed prophets and bishops and a whole array of others are rubbing their hands from ill-gotten gains taken from their parishioners. Duping the unaware ones; adding to their existing hardships and misery.

“Anyone in a position of trust who fails to undertake the true Gospel approach to the lost and the needy will surely have a double dose of God’s wrath at judgement.

“I have to sound the war pipes like never before as the Lord has commanded me to do. Others must also raise up their shofars and trumpets and sound off in constant calls for all to stay alert in these unprecedented times.

“Let us all therefore, and in total unison and harmony, herald the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and His armies of Heaven.

“I am calling to all and no matter the colour of skin or position in society to be part of the band of brothers on the frontline where we stand with our commanding officer Jesus Christ.

“Let us along with Him, Jesus, blind the hordes of hell as they stand disarrayed and unruly in their perverse divisions of pornography, drugs, gambling, murder, rape and unruliness. Let us radiate love towards all we come into contact with.

“Let us rescue anyone that leaves the ranks and who wanders aimlessly towards the hordes of hell. Send out snatch squads and drag them back and patch them up again for the frontline of Christ.

“Never has there been a time like this when we are all called to unite and reach out to others; brothers and sisters and bring them back onto the narrow path towards everlasting glory.

“Bring the lost and the broken into the fold so that the Good Shepherd can protect and lead them to fresh pastures.

“Keep the faith no matter the cost. Stay strong. Stay focused. Amen!

“God bless from Pipey.”

Watch Piperjames’s message:

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  1. The Lord has been warning us for some time that a shaking was coming and with it something new. May we as the body hear what the Spirit is saying to the church, wake up and fully surrender to Him. May the Lord work in us all, correct our thinking and understanding, making us a people , a body of believers totally dependent on Him. May His word, the Bible become the plumb line for His law is perfect, reviving the soul. His statutes are trustworthy, making wise the simple. His precepts are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to our eyes. The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever. His ordinances are sure and altogether righteous. May we be filled with Godly wisdom and return to Him wholeheartedly. May He restore our first love, a love that is pure and will glorify Him.