WATCH: It’s decision time — Angus Buchan

“South Africa, it’s decision time,” says Angus Buchan in a video message ahead of the It’s Time Pretoria prayer meeting on October 27.

“I feel in my spirit, there are some who are still deciding whether they want to come or whether they want to stay.
You need to be there,” he says.

In the video below he urges viewers to show the commitment of a young woman who emailed him yesterday, saying she is getting married on October 27 and plans to attend the prayer gathering first and then get married.

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One Comment

  1. I agree with Nella. I have peace with God, and and I pray for all the murderers, ground grabbers,thiefs ect, but I cant have peace WITH them until they repent and stop with their sin. Let us pray for conviction of sin,and repentance before God, so that we all can have peace in our beloverd country. There will be no peace before that. Thanks.