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Watch our 3 minute video to catch our revival news vision.

It’s about bringing hope and releasing destiny!  Will you join us?

We believe that God is calling us to expand our Christian news service to reach millions of people in South Africa, Africa and beyond via various media channels. It is about sharing testimonies that bring Godly hope to hearts and inspire Christians to pursue their God-given destinies to bring heaven to earth where they are. We know that we cannot achieve this vision alone. We need the Lord’s guidance, wisdom and provision every step of the way. And we trust Him to raise a revival family of partners to join us in promoting a Kingdom revival culture through news. Will you join us?

After viewing our video, please consider partnering with us. Partnering opportunities include:

  • Prayer — Join our Intercessory Team who keep our ministry in prayer. Our prayer partners receive our monthly prayer newsletter. Contact me at if you would like to join this team.
  • Any other — If God lays ANY other idea on your heart regarding partnering with Gateway News, please contact us at The door is wide open for people to join hands with us in this Kingdom news journey. We would love to hear from you.





  1. God bless you all. Just keep doing the next thing the Lord calls you to do. Peter Throp. (Value Life.)

  2. Charlie Parsons

    ALWAYS “look forward” to editions of Gateway news….lovely “stepping stones” in such a negative world.Testimonies are PROOF that JESUS IS ALIVE and our ONLY HOPE . Keep it up & THANKYOU.Charlie Parsons

  3. Leon Coetzee

    This is a wonderful means of interaction & Growing the UNITY in THE BODY OF CHRIST! THEN we can anticipate GOD COMMANDING BLESSING OVER OUR NATION!!!

  4. Love conquers all. God is surely moving right now with revival throughout the earth. It is for love and because of His great love that He has done this great thing for us. Given Christ His son for us.

  5. Assistance please am trying to contact Pastor Eric Hoffmeyer, a good friend of his who I knew a few years ago when I was with Cape town City Mission. The last email address I just sent was non delieverable. Ashley Potts also knows me from those days, before I returned home after 6 years voluntary service with the mission in Hanover Park.
    Will you kindly let me know from your local knowledge where Eric, a good friend now is and his email address asseblief! I think he was a youth pastor near Wynberg.
    Baie dankie vir jou tyd
    van Martin Kelly
    Lymington, Hampshire, England

  6. Rita Ponnigan

    Prayer is definitely power for the nations. Thank you uncle Angus for listening and obeying God, you are truly a man of God. We give God glory for you. Amen

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