WATCH: Shawn Bolz prophesies over South Africa

Israel Macoli of Johannesburg receives a word of knowledge and a prophetic word from Shawn Bolz at the CAP 2018 conference in Miami, Florida earlier this month. (PHOTO: Facebook video screenshot).

South Africa was brought into dramatic focus at the recent CAP 2018 Conference in Miami, Florida, when Shawn Bolz, a prominent United States prophet and author, had a significant word for the nation as well as words of knowledge for a Southans at the event.

Saying that he felt he needed to pray for South Africa, Bolz asked for any South Africans in the arena to stand up. Then, after describing a vision in which he saw Nelson Mandela speaking to Jesus, he said “a double portion generation” is about to rise up in SA, whose people would be able to tackle political issues, understand the resource of SA to the nations. and care deeply about the justice issues of Africa.

“And I felt like I heard the Lord say I am birthing Israel over South Africa and there would be an Israel here from SA,” he said.

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Bolz’s word of knowledge was confirmed when one of the South Africans who had stood up revealed that his name was Israel.

Bolz prophesied that the Lord said he was using the young man as a signpost and that he was going to help birth a Hebrew mindset over the SA government and Church.

As he continued to prophesy about resources coming from heaven, he had another word of knowledge, when he said a prophetic anointing was coming to him through his mother — the prophetess Patricia. A woman standing near to Israel confirmed she was his spiritual mother and her name was Patricia.

“The Lord is landing on your family. This season is going to be different,” he said to the family, who Gateway News has identified as Apostle Shammah Apwam and Prophet Patricia Apwam of Glorious Grace Ministries International in Randburg, Johannesburg, and their spiritual son Israel Macoli.

Beginning to prophesy over South Africa, Bolz said he felt the Lord was saying: “The delay for the Church in South Africa is over. The outpouring is already trickling and I see the floodwaters are going to come.”

Speaking to the conference gathering he said that if any of what he prophesied came about it would affect the world.

“What about the covenantal purposes of South Africa?” he asked. What if South Africa becomes God’s change agent for the continent of Africa?”

“I love you South Africa, I love you South Africa,” he concluded.

UPDATE (October 22 2018):
In a comment posted below this story today, Israel Macoli says that during a quiet time prayer encounter with the Lord, about two months before Bolz called him out in Miami, God told him to change his name to Israel.

“By the grace of God, Prophet Shawn Bolz prophesied over me using the name Israel which for me was a confirmation of what God had already told me 2 (Two) months ago.

“And he further confirmed this to me by calling out my Mother’s name Prophet Patricia Apwam,” he writes.


  1. AWESOME! Thank you LORD – PE is THE KEY to SA’s DESTINY….. What a privilege to be a South African living here! The WHOLE WORLD will say “ANOTHER great MIRACLE from South Africa!”

  2. What an encouragement. As a Nation let us believe God and not what the world is saying. God has a plan for this Nation to reveal His Glory!

  3. Helelujah! We recieve and belive your word God Almighty. El Olam!

  4. Amen!In 2001, during a ministery trip in Rustenburg Gauteng, Holy Spirit woke me up one morning with these words tumbling out of my mouth “these are the days of Elisha”! Not Elijah, but Elisha….double portion of the anointing! I believe Shawn’s word is straight from Papa’s throne room.

    God has a plan. We must BELIEVE; We must be FAUTHFUL; We must worship HIM in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.
    Come…there is a call to pray together at 9pm every night. “Where there is UNITY, God commands a BLESSING”. Amen

  6. We are a chosen generation. God’s gospel through our Lord Jesus Christ, is a key to obtain the promises He gave to us.

    It took the prodical son, to turn up his mind of eating with the pigs.

    He was welcomed given a new garment, put a ring on the finger. Fatherhood is not only through materialism but being a child responding to the given responsibilities of the father to son or daughter. But through truel engraved love from the parents.

    Is by listening and doing what we are taught that brings positive results of taking responsibility on that notion.

    Young giants are within the Country South Africa, some are ending up being slaves of substance abuse ending up dying young. Yes the double portion to raise up that those sleeping giants.

    It took Peter to call up on Jesus when He was drowning due to looking at His surroundings other than the one who told you to come to Him in those circumstances.

    South Africa rise up for the Glory of God has risen upon you. Let Jesus Christ back to the pulpit to pull those in the pit out.

    Botlhale Setlhare South Africa Gauteng

  7. We REJOICE ALOUD to our Gracious Father, with songs of JOY & Delight, that He has heard our deep spiritual heart cries for the people of South Africa & Africa. We ask like never before to pour His spirit out on all flesh for the sake of His Kingdom that only He can establish His way!! Bless you Jesus!!

  8. Blessings Everyone

    I was privileged to have a personal encounter with God in my closet while I was praying. God spoke to me and told me to change my name to Israel about 2 (Two) months ago before my spiritual Father (Apostle Shammah Apwam) asked me to CAP (Conference of the Apostolic and Prophetic) with him in Miami, Florida.

    By the grace of God, Prophet Shawn Bolz prophesied over me using the name Israel which for me was a confirmation of what God had already told me 2 (Two) months ago.

    And he further confirmed this to me by calling out my Mother’s name Prophet Patricia Apwam.

  9. Blessed be the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ to Whom belongs ALL glory! I am writing from Cape Town, South Africa!
    This coming Saturday, 27 October 2018, God has called a Prayergathering in Pretoria at Rhinopark Airfield! The nation is gathering on a call to WATCH & PRAY from Uncle Angus Buchan (Faith like potatoes, with whom you might be familiar with)! There are 5 million people expected to humble themselves from ALL over the African continent, with GEEAT expectation that God will visit & pour out His Holy Spirit upon ALL flesh (Joel 2) & reveal His glory by His grace & mercy upon this beautiful nation. IT’S TIME-PRETORIA, it’s time for God’s Church to shine! Praise the Lord! We sing praises of joy before His throne, for God reigns & heard our prayers! HalleluYAH! JESUS IS LORD OF SOUTH AFRICA!

  10. Vanessa Paulse

    Hallelujah God is great and we will pray together with you in Rhinopark from Atlantis Cape town, because we believe God is about to do a new thing in our beloved country South Africa

  11. Awesome word!
    We received it, its time for us.
    We must join in prayer no matter our different denominations.