WATCH: Signs in the clouds tell of journey with God

Cape Town husband, father of two and author Mangoran Reddy has documented a two-year spiritual journey in which God revealed many things to him through Scripture and through messages hidden in cloud formations.

Reddy’s remarkable adventure with the Holy Spirit began in 2017 as he was approaching his 40th birthday and began a programme of reading the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation with the goal of firming up his faith and finding his life purpose.

One of the results of his fresh focus on God’s Word was to awaken alertness to unexpected ways that God communicates with believers who are hungry to know Him more intimately and willing to obey the leading of His Spirit.

Reddy has chronicled his two-year adventure with God in a unique book titled Looking For A Sign? This is It that includes videos, photos and illustrations that were signposts along the way. He is distributing his book for free; to get a copy you can WhatsApp him at
072 989 8984 or email him at

Watch the video below, which includes video and other visual material which can be viewed to complement the experience of reading the book:

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