WATCH: Time for SA believers to speak the language of Heaven

Pastor Lil de Fin.
Gateway News prophetic columnist Marian Fitz-Gibbon interviews Pastor Lil de Fin, the great-granddaughter of Smith Wigglesworth and former co-leader of Acts Church in Johannesburg.

Family dinners offer a great opportunity for meaningful discussions about the day’s news and sharing our lives. There are so many compelling topics to debate. But God is listening to our words and waiting for us to speak the language of Heaven.

I’d like to tell you of a dinner that took place here, in our very own South Africa, with Lil de Fin and some friends, at which the Lord spoke a nation-changing message for South Africa.

Watch my interview with Pastor Lil below. It is both heartwarming and challenging and will encourage you to speak life over our nation and your circumstances.

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Lil also prays a prayer of impartation for Gateway News readers.


  1. Diane Hounsom Wampach

    Amazing! Powerful message for receiving our future in Jesus!

  2. Hugh G Wetmore

    Thanks for fascinating interpretation of 2 Kings 4. Actually, the Shunamite woman was not telling the truth (God’s or her own) when she said “All is well”, when her son was already dead. She was “in bitter distress” (v27), not in confident faith. We all know of people in bitter distress who put on a brave face to others, saying “all is well” when it isn’t. In almost all the healings Jesus did, he responded to distressed people who admitted their need (see Luke 18:40-42 for a clear example). The Psalms have many honest prayers from people who admitted their specific needs to God. ‘Faith’ is not believing in the dark for something we want, it is believing in the dark for something God has promised (see Hebrews 11:11 in a chapter full of faith in the specific word/promise of God.) Heb 11:13 tells us that many heroes of Faith did NOT receive the Promises while they were still alive. May God give us such Faith!

  3. Thank you to Pastor Lil. This message that I heard in Cape Town has served to strengthen my faith and make me so much more aware of what I say and how I think. It has been an inspiration. Just saying in my heart “ It is well” has so settled and strengthened me , knowing that God knows. What a blessing.