WATCH: Video of the Week: July 10 — Incredible clip; incredible Christ statue

Originally published in Aleteia

This video has amazed millions of people worldwide. It was produced by a multinational company a year ago as an ad, showing employees giving maintenance to the lighting of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Regardless of its commercial nature, the ad is inspiring in a number of ways:

Just on its own, Christ the Redeemer is incredible. In an increasingly  secular world, the symbol of Brazil to the world is the image of Christ, a Christ with open arms, merciful, and reportedly eager to redeem us. He is above the ups and downs that we live. He is at the top, calling us to look up. He is at the same time in the middle of nature and in the middle of the metropolis: He’s always close, no matter where we are.

There is also the stunning natural landscape of Rio de Janeiro. The ability to marvel opens the doors of wisdom, and you can’t help by wonder when you see the sublime work of God here—the mountains and the forests, the seas and the skies, the beautiful curves of the landscape.

Then there is the imposing landscape of the city. Even though we’re imperfect, the human capacity to carve an integrated social structure in the landscape is an invitation to reflect on our potential, our challenges, the mistakes we can always correct, and the improvements we can make with the talents God has equipped with.

Last but not least, there is the dignity of human labor. The workers who take care of the lighting on Christ the Redeemer are anonymous and invisible to the great masses in the city below. However, it is the everyday workers like them who keep things going all around us—real people, with faces and names, families and histories. In the case of these workers, it must take courage and determination to overcome the fear of doing what seems like an insurmountable job.

For Brazilians, this ad is also a special reminder that they live in a spectacular country, adorned with abundance by the Creator, built and maintained by capable people who make a difference. 

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  1. We need a statue like this on a high place in our City. Maybe Rhodes Memorial, Doves Peak or Signal Hill.