WATCH: Video of the Week: July 2, 2015 — MMC WC cross rises on misty meadow


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The mist was laid low along the N7 towards Malmesbury in the early hours of Father’s Day on Sunday, June 21, 2015. With a 2o metre radius of visibility, caution was taken on this road whilst on the lookout for Môreson Farm where a 9 metre cross silently laid, awaiting the Mighty Men of the Western Cape to come and erect it to the Glory of God. The cross faces the mountain and the N7 highway between Philadelphia and Malmesbury.

Koos, the farm owner, and his labourers were already hard at work cleaning the barn where most of the day’s celebratory events would take place. The erection of the cross was scheduled for the afternoon.

Faith Like Potatoes
A heap of potatoes laid in front of the stage inside the barn. Piperjames McGowan, Chairman of the Mighty Men Conference, Western Cape, asked Koos the farm owner, not to remove the potatoes as it had been suggested that the pile of potatoes looked like Table Mountain in the way that they had been laid and that this, would be a symbolic tribute to Angus Buchan’s mandate received by Angus from God. A mandate to raise up men of South Africa and the world, to accept Jesus Christ as personal Saviour.

It was even later on said that the amount of potatoes laid there would reflect the amount of men that would gather at the farm. God was certainly making His presence known. A spirit of celebration amongst the visitors did not distract anyone from the real significance which was to be experienced throughout the day.

Potjiekos competition
As the sun dismissed the cold dew, which rested upon the land, fires were lit by the contenders of the ‘Mighty Dads’ Potjiekos Competition. The atmosphere was one of great cheer, as music filled the barn serving as a backdrop to the joyous fellowship accompanied by the fragrances from the ‘secret’ ingredients of the potjiekos ‘Chef Masters’. Mighty Men were also joined by Mighty Women of God. Watch this space for the Mighty Men Western Cape Recipe book.

The authentic sound of vinyl LP’s played by our very own disk jockey on the day, DJ Prophet 777, introduced many genres of Christian music for all ages to enjoy. However, the tempo of the potjies could not be categorised or measured except by tasting.

The table was set and all entries were presented to judges, namely Cheryl Hansby and Jonathan McKay. The judges had a very difficult decision when choosing the winner. With Afval Potjies; Italian Potjies and Curry Potjies amongst the offerings. But the winner was the potjie of Mighty Man Juan Venter (Head of Mighty Media) who is crowned potjiekos champ, with a delicious lamb and vegetable pot.

The cross
The crowd gathered at two O’Clock around the cross. Beautiful craftsmanship displayed the passion of Mighty Man Justin Strydom who made this gigantic 9m cross, in excellence for the Lord.

All present were then led in prayer by Pastor Chanthal Whites from Chanthal Whites Ministries, only to experience God’s Power of His Holy Spirit as a breeze moved across the farm. Until that point there was not a whiff of air anywhere! The presence of God brought reverence into the hearts of all present, to completely focus on the cross.

Men and women, young and old joined together to lift the huge cross as all sang Amazing Grace to the vibrating drone of bagpipes. There was peace and there was joy in this gathering. The agreement in this gathering was to honour the Word of God as it is said in Isaiah 2:3; “Come, let us return to the mountain of the Lord. Where He will teach us His ways…”

This is now the very spot where men from all over South Africa and even from as far as England will gather to reflect and meet with the Lord from September 25 to 27, 2015. Come and be part of this celebration for revival in the Western Cape and South Africa.

If you would like to attend the Mighty Men Conference in the Western Cape then please visit to book your ticket or for more information.



  1. The anointing as you lifted that beautiful cross is tangible, even at home as i sit watching it and hear the bagpipes serenading our King. Bless you all.

  2. Amen. It all comes together in our Lords perfect timing.