WATCH: ‘We have to get into the trenches’ to wage spiritual warfare against Covid-19, says prophetic doctor

Dr Irma Simpson

It is time for followers of Jesus to face up to the reality of the devil’s severe attack on the Body of Christ through Covid-19 and to unite as never before in fighting the enemy from a place of peace and victory.

So says Irma Simpson, who has practiced as a medical doctor for more than 30 years and who is also a seasoned leader in prophetic ministry.

In a video clip which can be viewed at the bottom of this page, she says that over the past two months during the second wave of the pandemic, her intense personal experiences — with patients, with children and friends seriously afflicted by Covid, and with God — have convinced her that it is time for the Church to step up its level of united spiritual warfare.

One of the keys God has showed her in this time is how fear brought about through the demonic attack of Covid-19 renders believers ineffective.

“God said clearly to me I am seated in heavenly places and must rule from a place of peace,” said Simpson.

She said during this time, the sicker people became around her, apart from helping them medically, she would ask intercessors to pray for her patients and to protect her from becoming filled with fear and to keep her focused on God.

She saw many miracles in this time and none of her patients died. She also saw patients caring about other patients and a growing move of believers caring for those affected by Covid-19.

While some Christians have minimised the seriousness of the disease, frontline medical personnel witnessed the harsh reality of Covid, she said. In her decades as a doctor, she had never seen anything cause clotting problems like the virus did, or which caused serious pneumonia so quickly.

“It is sometime very unpredictable, which leads to fear,” she said.

She recalled how a friend with the virus had been in ICU for three months and experienced multiple complications.

“We would pray through the night for him. Sometimes the burden was so heavy I had to leave my work to pray for him with other people around the world who were also praying for him. Today he is alive because God has a destiny for him.”

“I have realised as the Body of Christ we can’t stick our head in sand and deny there is an attack on the Body in this hour. We have to step into the arena and get our hands dirty and fight together. Not fight each other; we must fight enemy from place of peace, from a place of victory.”

She urged Christians to show compassion to people who are frightened at this time.

“If you strong in God, help those who are frightened. Encourage them, build them up.”

She said she believes that if believers moved in step with God’s heart he will move and that He is going to release “supernatural healing mantles” in this time.

“I believe the Holy Spirit is hovering, looking for those who are going to worship God; looking for those who are going to love God. I’ve seen so many salvations. I’ve seen, as I reached out to people, they are in need, they’re ready to give their lives to God. The atmosphere is ripe for the harvest of souls.

“Now is time to demonstrate the Kingdom. It’s the time to love like never before,” she said, urging believers to decree and declare God’s Word with expectation that He will change things.

The video below was made as part of a campaign of 21 days of prophetic fasting and prayer for South Africa which is currently in its second week. Janet Brann-Hollis of SA Back to God invites “all who love SA to join in the last week of our 21day fast as we pray for SA! Join with various SA leaders and South Africans from other nations as we pray daily on Facebook Live — Janet Brann-Hollis @ 6:30 am SAST!” The final week’s programme can be viewed below.

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  1. Dr. Irma, i have just had chance to listen to your message, I live in the UK. Thank you for such a real, compassionate and honest appraisal of the situation that we all, Christians and non-Christians finds ourselves today. The Covid virus is real and the effect that it has had on men and women all over the world is huge. As you said, more than ever as the body of Jesus we need to work together, show His love and compassion . Pray for one another. And please Christians stop passing around all the “misinformation” that is adding to the chaos and fear. It is undermining faith and causing confusion. Again thank you for your message, you are a blessing to the body of Christ and to those in the medical field.