WATCH: What is the election fast for? — Episode 3

The third weekly article and video clip (see at bottom of page) by Janet Brann-Hollis of SA Back To God, leading up to the 21-day national Election Fast from April 18 to election day, May 8.

What are we fasting for?

  • For SA to be realigned to its true destiny, call and kingdom purpose;
  • For the kingdom of God to become fully manifest across the length, breadth and height of SA;
  • For a profound and increasing awakening among believers as to their vital role and responsibility in ushering in a just and godly government — and maintaining it.

This will require that South Africans are awakened in a number of areas:

  • That we are ALL awakened to the plight of the next generation should SA continue along an ungodly trajectory;
  • That we are ALL fully awakened to the dangers of division and self interest;
  • That we ALL grasp the need to be transformed into a united nation of patriots — a people that genuinely honours their homeland and put its interests above traditional political camps;
  • That South Africans become active citizens, fully alive to their responsibilities in their affairs of this nation – including the need to vote; and
  • As voters we need to seek God for His choice of candidate, not to be led by political rhetoric but by the voice of God.

Ask of heaven!!

Ask heaven for:

  • A NEW ORDER of governance in SA, for a government with leaders who put God first.

Ask of heaven for:

  • The emergence of a new breed of political leaders, men and women of HIS CHOICE, Josephs of great wisdom, great integrity and great capability.


Begin to focus on the voting process. Pray and decree that:

  • The electoral process will be a fraud and corruption-free zone;
  • That the equipment of the IEC will be fine-tuned to subvert the inclusion of any fraudulent


  • That the head of the IEC and the staff will be righteously impeccable.

What do we expect to accomplish through this fast?

  • To witness a complete course change in the destiny of our nation;
  • To see a cohort of righteous leaders take office — irrespective of their political affiliations, but with righteous government as their shared signature;
  • To witness SA being realigned to Israel;
  • To witness the dethronement of demonic principalities over our nation;
  • To witness the birth of a NEW HEART for our nation — spiritually, politically, socially, racially and economically.

Watch this week’s video:

See more info about the Election Fast on the SA Back to God website.

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