WATCH: Word for 2021 — Janet Brann-Hollis

In the video clip below Janet Brann-Hollis of Ruach Ministries and SA Back to God shares some prophetic insights she says she gained after spending time in prayer about the new year . Key headings in her word are conviction, courage, contending, compromise, building relationally, commercialisation of the Gospel, and the glory of God.


  1. So right.

  2. Amen. Be expectant! Thank you God for your presence, power and guidance. We are trusting for so many of your prophetic to still manifest.
    Use us for your Glory!

  3. Thank you for this.
    I believe God is calling us to have the courage and conviction to speak out against injustice. Here is an example:

    In terms of building relationships, I believe we are being called to develop relationships across faiths – with all God’s people, including non-Christians.

    In terms of money, I agree. I think Angus Buchan might have something to learn here.