We find out more about a national prayer walking/driving campaign against violence

Bishop Peter Sekhonyane

Gateway News recently interviewed Bishop Peter Sekhonyane, one of two men chosen to lead and guide a proposed national campaign of prayer walks and prayer drives aimed at countering violence in South Africa. The campaign is one of several action steps against violence in SA that came out of two online meetings of Christian and farming leaders called by Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng last month in his capacity as leader of the Hope, Healing and Restoration Project of the Lord. See our Q&A interview below.

Please tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Sekhonyane, Peter Sekhonyane. I live and work in Orange Farms, 45km south of Johannesburg. I am the founder of Maranatha Revival Ministries (March 25 1984); the founder of NEPWO (National Evangelistic Prayer Watch Outreach — 5 November 2004) which mobilises local churches to get back to prayer; the founder of Royal Kids Of South Africa (a children’s prayer ministry — April 1 2008); and the founder of UprisingSA (a youth prayer ministry — September 17 September 2016).

My number 1 priority is prayer mobilising — young and old.

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UprisingSA youth, Orange Farm

When Lockdown was introduced on March 26 2020 the ministry had been having prayers in homes (house churches) since 2016. We (the Team of 5) then consolidated those praying house churches. We focused on praying against Covid-19 but because of the strict rules of the lockdown many activities were disrupted, including prayers at the house churches — except for a few of those who were living in the same homes.

Our movements were stopped and I couldn’t meet with the leadership. We then began to hear over the radio and television, how the township had resorted to crime such as domestic violence, abduction of children, killings of children and other crimes. To me it looks like because of the lockdown caused by Covid-19, prayer was disrupted and a decline began, allowing spirits to enter, hence the start of the crime scenarios.

Royal Kids Prayer Conference 2019

How do you feel about being appointed as one of the leaders of a national campaign of prayer walks and prayer drives aimed at reducing violence in the country?

I may not know why I was appointed but I certainly believe that the Lord has a hand in this. It is in the area of my influence as well as my passion for the people of South Africa.

Crime is spirit, and I have witnessed, in the past, how God can eliminate it… as and when people pray. I have accepted the appointment and have since been praying with and requesting others to join in praying for God’s strategy to prevail.

What action plans do you have?

The action plan:

1. Mobilise other prayer warriors to help pray for the willingness of people to join this massive campaign throughout South Africa. These will cover us in prayer during planning and implementing whatever strategy God has given us. This should be ongoing, it is NOT a start and stop practice. South Africa needs serious prayers, sustained Prayers.

2. In each and every province there will be a coordinator, who will divide the prospective province into five areas, with each having area having a regional coordinator. We need people on the ground. All these coordinators will mobilise prayer walks and drives. Upon the commencement, we will encourage fortnightly reports of action taken and the results thereof. God answers prayer.

What are some of your needs?

There will definitely be a need to travel to address leaders in rural and informal settlements. We still have people without phones(believe it or not) and data is a major challenge to many in the communities. We need every voice in South Africa.

How can people get involved with your campaign?

I urge people who lead prayer groups and networks to participate by doing prayer walks /drives in their areas on days that will be suggested. Prayer leaders are asked to email their details to me at maranatharevival2018@gmail.com

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