What have horses, healing and Heaven got to do with the Speak Jesus national prayer day and revival?

Danie and Yolanda Steyn of Krugersdorp with her horse Sky Dreamer. Yolanda is a complementary therapist who uses horses in therapy

Excitement is mounting as Christians from all over South Africa — and even from distant nations — are preparing to gather at Krugersdorp on Saturday for the Speak Jesus national prayer day which will be led by farmer-evangelist Angus Buchan.

And the recent news that God independently inspired a prayer day with the same name and the same date in Kareedouw in the Eastern Cape, has just added to the growing sense of expectation that the Lord is preparing to do something new in SA.

And my anticipation for Speak Jesus Saturday was certainly increased this week after I spoke to long-time Krugersdorp resident Yolanda Steyn who was born, raised, schooled, baptised and married in the town – and who brought up two daughters there. Yolanda – is a complementary therapist who uses horses to help bring healing to people of all ages battling with issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma.

What, you may ask, has she got to do with the national day of prayer? Yolanda, is in fact, the lady, whose email to Angus Buchan to “please, please, please” come and pray for the town led directly to Saturday’s event.

She said that in June her heart was breaking for people from all walks of life who came to her for therapy. She said what really got to her was when pastors, prophets, psychologists – people who should be helping others — started coming to her because they were stuck.

She cried out to the Lord – about the evil opressing the town – about many young people cutting themselves and attempting suicide.

She asked God what they could do to change the situation in Krugersdorp. And during her quiet time on June 22 she said the Lord told her that Christians needed to come together in unity to fight the many strongholds over the town

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And that led to her emailing Buchan for help and the prayer day was birthed – at first as an event for Krugerdorp and then as a prayer day for the nation.

In our conversation, Yolanda, who is involved in preparations for Saturday’s event, shared about some of the behind-the-scenes miracles that have taken place during the run-up to the prayer day and which have built her faith that God will use the Speak Jesus event to spark revival.

She recalls receiving a reply from Buchan on a Friday in early July in which he asked her to pray with her intercessors about God’s will for the day, as he would pray with his intercessors. He said he would give his reply on the upcoming Monday.

She said that just before she received Buchan’s reply she received a voice note from a retired pastor who told her that if she wanted her prayer quickened she should read 1 Chronicles 4:10. She said that was the very passage she had studied with a Bible school group the previous night as they looked at the prayer of Jabez.

She consulted her intercessors as Buchan had asked and on the Friday evening she decided to seek God earnestly, to inquire if her request was really from Him. During this process she said God took her “up into Heaven” and showed her “the scroll out for Krugersdorp”.

“And in Heaven, in that pure brilliant, white light which is just the Shekina glory of God — and the peace of God — He showed me on the scroll for Krugersdorp, on the book for us, was written ‘revival’

“I’m not sure how long I spent there and then I pleaded with God. I said to Him: ‘If we can have one drop of Jesus’s precious blood for Krugersdorp I know it will be enough for us. And the most amazing thing happened. Jesus actuall came and handed me a wooden bowl of His blood. And I really didn’t feel worthy, you know, to accept that for Krugersdorp,” said Yolanda.

She said when she opened her eyes again she noticed a crate of books that had been given to her. On top was a book by Dr Bruce Wilkinson about the prayer of Jabez.

“And I said to God: ‘Okay, I get this. It’s Your confirmation. It’s the third time You’ve given it to me in two days.’ And then I knew it was the mandate that God gave us for Krugersdorp.”

She said that during worship at her church on that Sunday the Holy Spirit said to her that the prayer day was going to happen. And on the Monday morning Shalom Ministries phoned and confirmed that it was going to happen, saying it was going to be the match that sparks revival.

Worshipers celebrate the erection of a 10m high cross at the Speak Jesus national prayer day venue

Yolanda said that one of the miracles ahead of the prayer day involves “the cross”. She said there were crosses at the It’s Time mass prayer meetings in Bloemfontein and Pretoria and she felt there must be one at the Speak Jesus event.

During a Sunday prayer walk she asked God where the cross should be erected and He pointed out a hill in the northern area of the property. Later a pastor told her about prophecies over that area in which it was called Kingdom Valley and Holy Highway. And he showed her a prophetic drawing of the area with a cross on the hill.

On the day they went onto the site with a map showing where they had permission to erect the cross they unexpectedly met up with a land surveyor who was driving in the area. He helped them to find the exact spot.

Building material for the cross was sponsored and with the help of Frikkie du Plessis who was also involved in erecting the crosses at Bloemfontein and Pretoria the 10m high cross was erected last Saturday. It has a Bible and a printout of 1 Chronicles 4:10 in the foundation.

“And since Sunday people have been coming to the cross — to pray there. It’s so amazing to see,” she said.

Information about the Speak Jesus national prayer day is available on the Angus Buchan app and on the Angus Buchan website at: https://www.angusbuchan.co.za/speak-jesus

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