What’s on Your heart Father? — A prophetic conversation with the Lord

“South Africa you are called to pray together as children in one accord. I urge you to come into unity of My love by the power of My Holy Spirit as you are in critical times. This you know too well,” Says the Lord.

A greater reverence will fall upon you than has been seen in this nation. His children can, therefore, be confident to approach His throne in this time as He is a loving Father. Our Father God is a holy, mighty, all-powerful God and can-do great things by just one word.

Know this, our loving Father knows the times and seasons we live in and is bringing about great change in our hearts first. This change in our hearts is a huge challenge. You are urgently encouraged to call the Lord holy and to revere His name.

Angelic assistance with change?

The paragraph below, from a Facebook post this week by Carol Congalton, a prophetic friend from New Zealand, caught my eye today — especially considering the change taking place in SA and our critical need for angelic assistance in all we face.

I have been aware of a lot of angelic activity in the heavenlies today! This is not with my physical eyes but rather within my spirit. Last night just before I went to sleep I became aware that perhaps there was an angel in the room with me, apart from my guardian angel! I wasn’t sure so I asked the HOLY SPIRIT that if what I was ‘seeing’ was for real then what would this angel’s name be. Immediately I heard – ‘this is an Angel of Change.’
This awareness has remained with me all day so I am somewhat expectant that change is on the horizon..

Be confident as you approach His throne, do not fear Him, but know that He is a Father that loves you, and loves you so dearly. Each one of you who have been called by name before the beginning of the foundations of the earth. You are not a mistake. You were not born here by chance; you were born here to make a difference and an impact.

“You are not orphans. Get that straight. You are Mine. No one, no none, can snatch you from My hand, I have paid a high price for you with my Son Jesus Christ. This nation South Africa belongs to Me, from all the yet-to-be-born to all those who struggle for their last earthly breath before entering eternity. Every one of you is Mine. Start behaving like My children — like children of the King. Love one another so that they might know that I love you,” says the Lord.

“Spread my love around, go into the highways and the byways. My Holy Spirit will empower you to do and say what you need to say. Do not be afraid. Do not hold back. You will be empowered even more so as you go. Your own strength is insufficient for the task ahead, but My Holy Spirit will empower you. Your thoughts are not My thoughts, but I have ways that will confound even the wisest. Go and be My witnesses. Go, says the Lord. I am with you; I will never leave nor forsake you. I will be with you til the end.”

Go and ask the question: “Have I found my home in the Father’s heart?”


  1. Amen may we all come together young and old to seek the face of God! Knowing the Fatjer heart of God is essential!

  2. Beautiful words from Jesus.. thank you for being His mouth piece! Xx