Whimsical Christian creative arts showcase launches in PE at weekend

whimsiacalThis weekend Port Elizabethans will experience fresh pressed Christian creative arts at the launch of Whimsical — Worship in Motion. Whimsical is a platform to showcase home-grown talent — specifically Christian creative arts.

“We recognise the need to build and support worshippers in our city whether they be musicians, singers, spoken word, dancers, painters or any other form of creative arts which glorifies God”, shares Lauren Jonas, Founder of Whimsical.

All Creative ministers are only permitted to perform their ORIGINAL art at this event. It is our hope to encourage an authentic culture amongst creative believers.

Whimsical is a roaming city event which offers credible worshipers the opportunity to echo their illustration of a lifestyle of worship. “Whimsical is not a church vision it is Kingdom minded,” adds Lauren.

On December 6 the first chapter of Whimsical will launch at Connection Café at the corner of Lilly Street and William Moffatt Expressway. We would like to invite you to be a part of a generation who is Singing Out Loud for King Jesus

For more information please contact Lauren at 083 425 4283.

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