Why the Gupta raid is good for South Africa — Luphumlo Joka

A monthly column by Luphumlo Joka
The Hawks raid the Gupta mansion in Saxonwold Johannesburg (PHOTO: Daily Maverick).

Note: This column was written yesterday — before Jacob Zuma announced his resignation as president and Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as his successor, and before further developments in the Gupta raids saga (see latest updates at going to press — https://www.iol.co.za/dailynews/hawks-hunt-three-more-linked-to-gupta-raids-13300061 and http://ewn.co.za/2018/02/16/hawks-call-on-fugitive-ajay-gupta-to-hand-himself-over)

I was stunned when I woke up to news of the Hawks raiding the Saxonworld Gupta mansion. The City Press reported (February 14 2018) that at least two suspects – one being the Gupta brother and the other a former Free State Agriculture department head Peter Thabethe – were expected to appear in the commercial crimes court in Bloemfontein .

It really looks like the rule of law is starting to take its course. The change in political power seems to be at the centre of the apparent watershed moment in the constitutional democratic depensation of South Africa . Neighbours of the Guptas were quoted saying that they were happy with the arrest and that it was long overdue.

The Guptas, who are somewhat linked to President Jacob Zuma and his Son Duduzane Zuma are also implicated in Advocate Thuli Mandonsela’s state capture report .

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa has been quoted several times openly saying that he will be dealing with corruption and the renewal of the ANC. Could this be it?

This is the perfect time for Ramaphosa to inspire confidence not only in himself and what he, as the possible next State president can do for the country, but also in the ANC and in the renewal of its image.

The raiding of the home is a small but much-needed sign to us who have given up in the leadership of the ANC that there just might be hope in combating corruption and in displaying sound and authentic leadership.

This is what I believe the ANC should do in order to inspire confidence and hope among our people.

  1. Manage the removal of President Jacob Zuma with urgency. This matter is more serious than they are making it out to be, the removal of the president is a much needed move that could see old ANC members who had turned their back on the movement coming back.
  2. Establish strong and independent Chapter Nine institutions : This will strengthen the fight against state capture and corruption. All Zuma loyalists must be taken out and new independent public servants must arise to the call of serving the republic.

The ANC has another chance to win the support and loyalty of South Africans , we can only hope and pray that they will do what is best for the country.


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