Woman stops her abortion process after reading pro-life article

By Matt Walsh — Originally published in The Christian Institute

A woman has revealed that she pulled out of an abortion after reading an article by a pro-life blogger and is now the mother of a five-year-old girl.

In 2014, Matt Walsh, who writes for The Blaze and The Daily Wire, read a ‘goodbye letter’ from a mother to her unborn child, posted online days before she was set to have an abortion.

Walsh responded with a letter of his own, reminding her of the love she already had for that child, and the potential future she would cut short if she went through with the abortion.

In her emotional letter, the woman said she was not ready to have a child, and that she would not be able to provide the life that she would want the child to have.

After trying in vain to contact her directly, Walsh wrote an open letter to the anonymous woman explaining that he felt both the sadness and hesitation in her words.

He wrote: “I felt the uneasiness. I felt the sense of loss. I felt the desperation. And I felt the love. I did. I really did.

“You love your child. You want your child to be happy. You said that yourself, and I believe you. But this is not the way, friend. This is not the way.”

While the mother said in her letter that she would meet the child again when she was next pregnant, Walsh pointed out that wasn’t true.

“You can choose death or choose life, but there will not be a redo or a second chance. This is it. This is everything.

“You can have other kids, but you will never have this one again. This one, with her vast potential and incredible promise. She is here now, she is living now, and there is a place in this world for her.”

He pleaded with her to consider the potential future she would be missing out on, concluding: “Think about the future. Think about your little one. There is still time to change your mind. You still have a choice. Please, give your child a chance. Choose life.”

Choosing life
Five and a half years later, Walsh was contacted by a different woman who had read his article when it was first published.

When she read it, she had just taken an abortion pill, but reading Walsh’s article had made her reconsider her choice as she tried to come to grips with the enormity of ending the life of a child she still loved.

Later that night, she saw an advert for abortion pill reversal, and chose to try to save her baby.

Walsh said: “Long story short, her daughter turned 5 this year. She now has a beautiful family. She chose life and does not regret it, to put it mildly.”

Abortion pill reversal
He added: “What amazing courage. The role I played was very small but I’m grateful to know that at least one thing I’ve published in my years of doing this made a difference for at least one family.

“Most of all I’m grateful that one child was spared the fate 60 million others have suffered.”

Medical abortions involve taking two abortion pills. It is sometimes possible to reverse the effect if the woman has taken the first but not the second.

Taking progesterone soon after the first pill (which blocks the body’s natural progesterone production) can sometimes save the pregnancy.

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