Women inspired by biblical story of faith, obedience

Thandeka Langa.

More than a dozen like-minded Christian women recently attended the fourth Confident Women in Business (CWIB) get-together at the Choose Life Church in Pretoria East.

These meetings are held to encourage Christian women to find their voice in the world, grow and learn to be the best versions of themselves.

The theme of the fourth meeting was “Your past does not define you”. Thandeka Langa, an edupreneur and founder of Fab Warriors gave a presentation on the topic.

Thandeka partners daily with parents of young people to inspire and encourage early career conversation between children and parents to help them connect with each other, God and His purpose for their lives.

Encouraging message
She encouraged the women to live boldly. “Make a choice to live life in the front row and not always to search out the back row seat first, hiding behind past mistakes and excuses.”

She unpacked Joshua 2 and 3, the story of Rahab, to illustrate her point, and highlighted several key takeaway messages from Rahab’s story.
• Rahab was a harlot. She lived an unclean life by all moral standards of her time but when she had the opportunity to change, to get out of the lifestyle, she went for it with all that she had in her. She did not hesitate to change and immediately hung the red scarf from her window when the Israelite spies left her house. “We should learn to act immediately when God gives us an opportunity to change and we hear His voice. Procrastination is the sickness of our time and we have to overcome it,” Thandeka said.

• Because of Rahab’s immediate obedience, God blessed her greatly. Although. through the lens of the people of her time, she lived a low-class. worthless life, God saw the potential in her and changed her life so much so, that she became part of the bloodline of Jesus. “If God can include a harlot in his Son’s bloodline, we are truly also worthy of his grace to overcome any past mistakes,” said Thandeka.

• Rahab heard about the Israelites, her house was part of Jericho’s city wall so she knew the stories about their God and the reputation they had. She did not hesitate to believe in the God of the spies who entered her house and immediately decided to put her trust in Him. “We could learn something from Rahab’s conviction of faith. She put everything she had known behind and bravely put her life on the line for a God she had  not even meet yet,” said Thandeka.

• Rahab was not selfish in her faith, she negotiated with the spies on behalf of her family. “We have a responsibility to stand up for our family and our communities helping as many people as we can,” she said.

Thandeka said that Rahab positioned herself for deliverance by acting on her conviction of faith. She was prepared to leave all that she had known behind in the hope that the God of the Israelites would save her and God rewarded her greatly for that. “He took her story and transformed it so much that it is still today a testimony of faith and encouragement to all woman,” she said.

“God took Rahab’s story, the story of a harlot from Jericho, and forever weaved her into history by including her in Jesus’s bloodline.”

Thandeka said we should seek opportunities to grow our faith each day. “Do not wait, if God tells you to do something, however small it may seem, act immediately and live with a real intention to serve Him.”


  1. Wonderful example of how God loves as we are, is compassionate and sees our potential while never harping on our short comings

  2. Nomabali nqadini

    Wow….the gift that God gives us to share his good news. Im sooo inspired. Keep on allowing God to use you (Guds).

  3. Mphuthumi Gqala

    Thank you Sis Thandeka. Truly, these are inspirational words. May God Bless you

  4. Wow, I am inspired! God loves us with all our cracks brokenness

  5. Wow_______so inspired. 🙏🏽

  6. Fundiswa Masuku

    God’s amazing love surpasses everything we can think or imagine! When everyone has given up, labeled and name-called one, God sees them through His eyes of love! Thank you Jesus. May God continue to bless your ministry Thandeka! As you grow from strength to strength.


    Yes God can use anyone anytime we just need to position ourselves. Kuhle Thandeka

  8. Mmanala KhanyeeMbongwe

    It has proven that God’slove is unconditional… He loves the sinner but He hate the sin… By the way we are just sinners saved by
    His grace