Christian women’s daily planner aims to make 2021 a better season

Armour 2021 Daily Planner


Gateway News interviewed Christian Women in Business Network founder, publisher of arise magazine and entrepreneur Kea Modise-Moloto about her 2021 daily planner for women which she has created with the aim of making 2021 a better season whatever may come during the year.

Gateway News: Good day Kea and congratulations on your Armour 2021 Daily Planner. It looks beautiful! Tell us more about it. 

Kea MM: Thank you very much for your positive and kind words. This is a work of passion, love and purpose. As I was creating the Armour Daily Planner I realised that it is more of an experience and a journey with God towards deeper faith; and not just another a daily planner. It is full of special elements to help us experience better days – spiritually and in our daily work and business commitments.

Gateway News: What makes this daily planner unique?    

Kea MM: There are a few things that differentiate this daily planner from others and the many differences teach us that when God instructs, we must listen. I was doubtful for some time about creating this daily planner, mainly because there are so many daily planners in the market; why would God want another one created?  

But I chose to listen to God and during the creative process I understood the reasons for my assignment. 

Firstly, I curated the Armour 2021 Daily Planner based on Ephesians 6:10-21. I feel strongly that we could have handled the recent experiences that came with Covid-19 and lockdown much better if we had taken up the armour of the Lord in every moment and experience. The daily planner is a tool to keep us reminded of the armour we have in God and to encourage us in different situations while prompting us to pray and praise God for His unending, limitless and bottomless love. 

I cannot speak for other daily planners, but I can confess that this one is created with nothing but passion, love and care for women. I find that the best way we can show care and love to one another as fellow sisters in Christ is by being there for each other in times of need and also reminding each other of God’s love for us. And this is what the Armour 2021 Daily Planner offers. 

Gateway News: What is the inspiration for it? 

Kea Modise-Moloto

Kea MM: As I mentioned, I am inspired by God. Secondly, as founder and leader of the Christian Women in Business Networkarise magazine and Christian Women Business Directory I am surrounded by women who are comfortable to share their truth with me and each other. Throughout 2020, in our weekly #thursdayteadate and different prayer sessions we learned of each other’s fears, anxieties, doubts and questioning of God. We cried, laughed and celebrated together. I continuously receive feedback from women saying they left the different meetings feeling better, revived and positively energised. The common thread in all the meetings and interactions is the sharing of God’s Word and reminding each other of His Love. This showed me the necessity of intentional and focused daily encouragement and I am yet to identify a better tool than a daily planner. 

Gateway News: What other special elements are in your Armour Daily Planner?

Kea MM – The intention was always to make it special and personal. With this in mind,  my team and I imagined what the businesswomen in the Bible would testify based on their and journeys. We feature their testimonies as well as testimonies by modern businesswomen we respect and want to continue learning from. 

In addition to that, we also have carefully selected Scripture verses and messages to keep us encouraged, inspired and reminded of God’s love and the great unimaginable plans He has for us. To make the journey more personal, the owner of the Armour 2021 Daily Planner has an opportunity to script her own daily personal devotions on every other day. The Daily Planner will remind us to pray, worship, praise and remain focused on our journey to success with God as partner, pillar and CEO throughout all the seasons that will come with year 2021.   

Our other pleasant offering is an opportunity to personalise the 2021 Amour Daily Planner with a name or logo. And we will do this at no additional cost for those that mention Gateway News when placing an order. 

The daily planner costs R300 and can be ordered via e-mail: or WhatsApp: +27 82 970 6035 or you can order online here

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Armour 2021 Daily Planner Description: 

  • A5 Size
  • 2021 Calendar at a Glance. 
  • 2021 Year Planner  
  • 2020 and 2022 Calendar
  • Monthly Calendar at a Glance
  • Christian Holidays 
  • Monthly Inspiring women Testimonies to encourage and inspire 
  • Your Monthly Goals and Plans Pages
  • Daily Scripture and message for encouragement, reflection and inspiration
  • Pages for Notes
  • Ribbon Page Marker

Designed to help keep you focused on God, encouraged and inspired to succeed. 
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  1. Maduo wa Motlodiwa

    Big Up to you Kea and the Team.
    Placing my order soon. It is quite impressive to notice the avenues that are opening up for Women and the Body of Christ at large.
    We are getting out of our cocoons and discussing “pressing matters”. HEALING!!!!
    We still need to be “reached out” in rural areas.
    Need to initiate and create “teatime” platforms…..” re thube se se mo mafatlheng”/ Opening up to discuss personal matters.
    To God be ALL the Glory!

  2. Apostle Ken-Baton

    Will place order surely for my wife.
    JEHOVAH Bless.

  3. Well done Kea!!! Another amazing way to impact women. Super proud of you ❤️❤️❤️????

  4. You are such an inspiration Kea❤, keep up the excellence. I love what you said about obeying the call to do this daily planner. That’s so important in our walk with God. Obedience is better than sacrifice, so well done on your obedient heart?, and may the Lord reward you accordingly. You are blessed & favoured?