Woolworths disables Christian comments — Errol Naidoo

By Errol Naidoo, director Family Policy Institute– from this week’s Watchmen on the Wall newsletter

The media reports Woolworths has doubled down on its in-store “pride” campaign by declaring “there is no debate on its inclusive justice initiative,” disabling online comments from Christian customers, and ignoring complaints emailed to group CEO, Roy Bagattini.

The retailer appears to be sending a message to Christian consumers, your money is welcome but not your views. Woolworths defended its choice to disable comments on pride-related posts, emphasizing the importance of upholding the dignity and rights of every individual, as enshrined in the constitution, (except free-speech rights of Christians).

Presumably, Woolworths refusal to acknowledge and recognise the dignity and constitutional rights of Christian consumers means it doesn’t have to dignify their concerns with a response nor does it have to enable or entertain its views or social media posts.

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An LGBTQ news portal, applauded Woolworths for “defying bigots with new “pride” campaign.” It praised Woolworths “inclusive justice initiative” and its “stand against discrimination and marginalisation.” Christian opposition is labelled hateful and bigoted.

Ironically, while the world celebrates “pride” month, Christians are marginalised and persecuted for their faith. Woolworths joins the marginalisation and silencing of Christians by disabling their comments, and refusing to acknowledge their legitimate concerns.

Woolworths “pride” range of merchandise is prominently displayed in stores and shop-front windows promoting LGBTQ propaganda to passing shoppers. Proceeds from its “pride” merchandise are donated to LGBTQ organisations – which funds its militant activism.

Woolworths has transformed its stores into battlegrounds of LGBTQ social activism. Retail stores, (like schools), are no place for LGBTQ indoctrination. Families with children are accosted with LGBTQ propaganda while innocently shopping. This is manifestly unjust!

Children are targeted with LGBTQ ideology in education, Disney features and now retail stores. The sexual rights movement devalues the natural family. Fatherhood and motherhood are often attacked as outdated social constructs that must be abolished.

Woolworths promotes this ideology while inviting families to support its Father’s Day promo’s. However, LGBTQ ideology is militantly hostile to the two-parent natural family.

Incredibly, Woolworths share price fell 7 percent recently in response to reports it expects a significant drop in headline earnings for the year ending 30 June 2024. Despite this, the retailer defiantly ignores the Target & Budweisser lessons to establish its “woke” pedigree.

Christian shoppers must boycott Woolworths for transforming its stores into LGBTQ indoctrination zones and silencing Christian opposition to its “woke” sexual activism.

Honour real fatherhood this Father’s Day by boycotting Woolworths anti-family agenda!

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  1. Woolworths should stick to what it there for. Selling clothes and food. They should not allow the store to get involved in political and other fudes. The CEO is obviously not acting in the interest of the Woolworths name. They make shopping a war zone. If they take sides against Christians they leave us no other choice as to avoid them from now on.