Words of hope for SA by Judge Mogoeng inspired by message from Angus Buchan

Chief Justie Mogoeng Mogoeng, left, speaking at a cattle auction in Lichtenburg. (WATCH VIDEO CLIP AT BOTTOM OF PAGE).

South Africa is on the verge of a great breakthrough and Christians who know their God can be like Daniels and Joseph’s, coming up with God-inspired solutions to the nation’s greatest challenges, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng said at a cattle auction in Lichtenburg on Friday.

Urging Christians not to give up “in these trying times” but to take trouble to know God who is ready to release godly answers to the land issue, crime, corruption, governance or any other concern, Mogoeng said his short talk to the farmers was inspired by a Scripture in a personal message he had received the previous day, from another farmer — Angus Buchan.

Mogoeng, who was also a buyer at the auction at Loriza Brahman, said he was asked by the owners to deliver a 5-minute, godly talk at the event. While he was seeking the Lord on what to say, he was reminded of the message from Buchan.

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He read out Buchan’s message, which the farmer-evangelist had sent him in response to a call to God to raise leaders of integrity, which Mogoeng had made at a recent prayer event in parliament. The message reads: “My dear Chief Justice Sir, a very warm greeting to you this morning. I’ve just listened to your most passionate and godly prayer. I want to say I am so honoured to know you as my brother in Christ Jesus. Please be aware of my constant prayer cover over you and your godly wife and family. Much love in Jesus Christ, your brother, Angus Buchan.”

Great exploits
Mogoeng then read the excerpt from Daniel 11:32, which Buchan quotes at the bottom of his message: “… but those who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits.”

Mogoeng said the relevant message from the book of Daniel could not have been delivered by a more suitable person, as Buchan, with whom he had prayed at the It’s Time prayer day at Mitchell’s Plain in March, cared deeply for all the people of South Africa.

Drawing from the Scripture and the broader book of Daniel, the chief justice said Daniel was a man of wisdom and light who had a supernatural capacity to explain mysteries and who, even in captivity in Babylon, rose to be a top leader in that nation.

Daniel had made it his business to fast and pray for 21 days for his nation to be freed from bondage.

“It tells us it’s about time you and I prayed for South Africa, prayed for Africa, so that the rapes, the murders of everybody — including farmers, the corruption, that is ravaging our country, can be a thing of the past, so that South Africa can demonstrate to the world that it is capable of being a country where black and white people live in peace with no hostility, with no crime, where there is no corruption whatsover, but unprecedented prosperity,” he said.

Daniel had also been called to relate and interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s troubling dream after all the magicians of Babylon had failed to do so.

Divine revelation
“But because he knew his God as you and I ought to know our God, he prayed unto Him to reveal the secret to him. God told him the dream of Nebuchadnezzar and the meaning of it,” said Mogoeng.

Likewise when the king’s son and successor, Belshazzar and the magicians he had consulted, did not know the meaning of the writing on the wall, Daniel had interpreted it through God-given wisdom.

Daniel was not hungry for power and was not afraid to speak truth to power, confronting both Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar with their pride and God’s judgments on them.

“South Africans, all the problems you think are impossible, to resolve, don’t go outside of the country for a solution. You and I, the Daniels that are here, if only we were to make it our business to know our God — mayors, premiers, presidents [would be raised], who will not steal anything from anybody, who will make it their business that there is police visibility, so that we don’t get ravaged by crime, who will make it their business to ensure that education if of a higher quality, skills needed for sustainable economic growth, are available in this country and through us Africa is impacted positively. If only we were to make it our business to know God, those capacities would be transferred to us,” he said.

“God loves us. Let us know Him. As we know Him He will deposit His wisdom upon us. The land issue, you would have nothing to be worried about because a godly solution would be released. A godly solution will be released about crime, a godly solution will be released about corruption, governance or any other concern you may have.”

Mogoeng shared how in recent encounters with believers in Cape Town and the United States, God had revealed to Christians what he was going to do in South Africa.

“We are on the verge of a great breakthrough — don’t give up. We all belong here. If Daniel could prosper on foreign land and we are all South Africans, what reason do we have to be worried? And the same applies to all Africa,” he said.

Unity, hope and healing
In his closing prayer he asked for a powerful message of unity, hope and healing to spread through the nation.

Responding to Mogoeng’s talk at the auction, Buchan thanked God “for our Chief Justice of South Africa Mogoeng Mogoeng, who is man who is unashamedly standing for truth and righteousness and the name of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”.

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  1. Harold Simmers

    May the Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng grow from strength to strenght. May his words echo thtough Parliament do that these parliamentarians becomes Godfearing people and show respect.

  2. Magda Esterhuizen

    Glory to Jesus Christ our Lord! Jesus is Lord over South Africa! Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

  3. In many ways Daniel was unique, as God gave him miraculous insights and dream interpretations. God does not give these to every believer. But there were Character and Competence qualities which every person, especially Christians, can cultivate: “He was trustworthy and neither corrupt nor negligent” (Daniel 6:4). Every person, especially those in Government and Positions of Power and Responsibility, should cultivate these qualities. Christians should be front-runners in this, and follow the example of Jesus, Daniel and our Chief Justice.

  4. Thank YOU, Heavenly Father,for what You want to do for S.A. for what You did trough Your Son Jesus…The highest price…And thank You very much for position the best people..Bless the chief Justice, and the prayer warriors…Amen !!