‘Year of the Lord’s Favour’ proclaimed by Christian business leaders

South African believers, get ready for a sudden season of the Lord’s favour, says a corporate prophetic declaration that was released by Voice of Africa Global Media today on behalf of a group of Christian business leaders.

“We have come to an ERA, where you will go to bed with a mountain, but wake up tomorrow with it LEVELED to the ground by the power of God!” says part of the declaration which reflects what God said to a group participating in a strategic business session in Durban last weekend.

The Lord took over the agenda of the meeting and that resulted in the words recorded in the declaration, Proclaiming the Year of the Lord’s Favour, said Vuyokazi Matu Voice of Africa president, who was asked by the group to help get the message to God’s Ecclesia (His government on earth).

Scriptures that are referenced in the declaration include Isaiah 61, 2 Kings 6:25-7:20, excerpts from Jeremiah 20 – 22, and Isaiah 9.

The declaration concludes: “In the final analysis, the corporate prophetic message admonishes us to come before our King and ask what Esther asked … if I have found favour in Your sight, which we know we have, based on Isaiah 61:2 and Luke 4. Lord we ask you to let us live and let Your People live! Let the Life of heaven flow in us and through us and our businesses and our products and our people…

“Let the word that flows from the mouth of our Lord go forth throughout the land and may it inspire, awaken and cause God’s people to arise from their state of ashes, discouragement and depression.”

Click here to download the full prophetic declaration


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