Youtube spoken word poet and author Jeff Bethke visiting SA in 2015

Jefferson Bethke.
Jefferson Bethke.

Jefferson Bethke the 20-something spoken word poet and speaker whose 2012 YouTube video “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus,” has at this time been viewed more than 28.5 million times, will be visiting South Africa in 2015.

Quintis Jacobs, youth pastor of Spirit Word Ministries which is organising the SA tour for United States based Bethke and his wife, Alyssa, says they have opened a Facebook page ( ) ” that people can go and like so we can see where is the biggest request for him to go and minister while in South Africa”.

“So the plan at this moment is for a South African tour spreading over a week or so. We have tried for months to get hold of him (for broadcasting purposes on the Spirit Word Channel) and when we got hold of him, one of the first things that came out was: why not do a SA tour, seeing that SA loves his YouTube videos.

“We are only in the beginning process of this but we expect a huge move of God in SA, while he and his wife is here. He speaks the Word of God as it is, and that is where the power lies!!!” says Jacobs.

Bethke who became proud dad of daughter Kinsley earlier this year continues to post video clips on a wide range of theological, practical Christian living and engaging culture topics. His warm personality, bold approach and passion for Jesus clearly connect with millions of viewers and make him an influential Christian voice. He has also attracted the attention of secular media, having been featured in Time Magazine, Huffington Post, CBS This Morning, ABC Nightline, Washington Post, and more.

In the first chapter of his book, “Jesus > Religion: Why He Is So Much Better Than Trying Harder, Doing More, and Being Good Enough”, Bethke writes that he is “really not qualified to write this book” as he does not have a Bible or seminary degree, is not a pastor or counsellor, and does not know Biblical languages or how to do exegesis. But, quoting from 1 Corinthians 27, he then goes on to say he is nearly the exact type of person that God is looking for as He ” loves using people who are useless by worldly standards—because then He gets all the credit”.

“A crooked stick can still draw a straight line, and a messed-up dude like me can still write about an awesome God. I’ve tasted grace and can’t help but tell others about it.”


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  1. I can’t wait for Jefferson Bethke to come and visit, maybe even better… Tour South Africa. I’d like to hear more WOW (Word of Wisdom) from him. Thank you pastor Quintis for trying to get Jeff to tour SA, I believe he’ll enjoy it and do a youtube video here!! Blessings*