Zzzz Lulla-Bye — Sleepy Time

LALABIBLEMusic Review by Anna Heydenrych


Introducing praise and worship music to our children from a young age is something that many parents, like myself, are eager to do. There are many kiddie-geared options available, but what I like about Zzzz Lulla-Bye is that the songs are not just simple kiddie singalongs, but rather the lyrics resonate parents’ hopes and dreams for their child. 

The CD is produced by singer/songwriter Heinz Winckler, sung by his wife Aletté-Johanni, and includes orignal lyrics by Sumari Schoeman. Some of the tracks are popular ‘grownup’ worship songs which have been remixed as gentle lullabyes. I found that I could worship along with this CD and also enjoy the fact that the sweet lyrics and peaceful melodies would appeal to my young son.  ZZZ Lulla-Bye is a lovely option for bedtime music to create a soothing atmosphere and introduce worship into a daily routine. It would also make a great gift.

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