Author: Tendai Chitsike

Why pastors are the new witchdoctors, spirit mediums and con-artists (and how to change that) — Tendai Chitsike

A monthly column that reflects on living in the Kingdom of God. Zimbabwean investigative journalist Edmund Kudzayi tweeted the following recently: “Zimbabwe needs a cleansing ceremony. Pastors, prophets, witchdoctors, spirit mediums, etc. Lock all of them up in the National Sports Stadium…” The tweet was undoubtedly his most popular in […]

Crossing the Jordan in flood season — Tendai Chitsike

Gateway News columnist Tendai Chitsike shares on the amazing world-impacting “student church” he leads in Grahamstown, and their daunting new challenge of acquiring a church building against unforseen odds. By the grace of God, in the year I arrived to study at Rhodes University in 1997, God used some wonderful […]