Meet Nthabeleng, presenter of new youth slot on Gateway News YouTube channel

Nthabeleng Tsokeli

Today we posted our first video in Youth Wing a brand new, hope-inspiring playlist for youth on our YouTube channel GatewayNews 100.

We asked inspired presenter Nthabeleng Tsokeli to introduce herself and her vision for Youth Wing,

Her response:

My name is Nthabeleng Tsokeli, and I am currently residing in Centurion, Gauteng.

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It’s interesting that I studied sciences (I have an honours degree in Chemistry, from University of Free State) but when I thought of furthering my studies or pursuing a career in the science field, it just didn’t seem to make sense.

I felt like I was not making any positive impact in the world in a way that aligned well with my soul. From the time I completed my first degree to date, the only place that I felt at home was anywhere I was dealing with the young people — mainly students.

I got saved when I was doing my first year at varsity. Just over a year later, I was invited to be part of the leadership panel in a campus fellowship. That was how it started with youth leadership and, in essence, youth ministry.

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But my passion was really discovered when I started teaching. I would sit with some of my students over the lunch hour and just converse with them, and I drew so much fulfillment from ministering to them.

Then, it was noted by my colleagues that the formerly troublesome students who were ever spotted conversing with me would start gradually improving in behavior and school work. A department was birthed out of that where selected kids would be especially recommended to meet with me.

The news was even spread through the other students to their homes, and more parents started bringing their children to the school. This continued until I decided to further my studies, but ever since that time, I have had a special heart for the youngsters.

I learned that nobody is really bad at heart, but people have issues that if only they could be helped to handle, they would be the best versions of themselves that God intended them to be.

Through the Youth Wing videos, I hope we will touch and revive hope among as many young people as possible. As evil seems to be prevailing upon the face of the earth, young people tend to give up on themselves and doubt the love – or the very existence – of God.

Through the stories that will be published here, we are raising the voice over all the prevailing noise that God is alive; that He loves and cares for us; that He has good plans for us; and that when we align with His thoughts, things do change!

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