Christine Caine’s testimony of trusting God against all odds

Book Review by Val Viljoen

CHRISTINE CAINE — UNDAUNTED: Daring to Do What God Called You to Do
Genre: Autobiography/Motivational
Distributed by Christian Art Media

It is estimated by the UN that twenty-seven million people world-wide are slaves. Of these, two and a half million are trapped in human trafficking. The horrifying facts of this human trafficking and in particular the sex slave trade  compelled Christine Caine and her husband Nick to found the A21 campaign in 2007 against this evil.

“Undaunted” is the story of Christine’s walk of faith through the many trials, tribulations and difficulties she has encountered in her life, and how God has revealed not only His character and His love but also His purpose and destiny for her, as she clung to the truths of the bible in these times.

She tells of finding out at the age of 32 that she was adopted, of dealing with the scars of abuse, of the devastating disappointment of a miscarriage and of the dawning realisation that God was calling her to be part of His work in the human trafficking arena.

And the telling is done in such a way as to bring hope and strength to any reader. Familiar Bible verses are given new meaning and power in the context of her stories, struggles and God’s revelation to her.

We are encouraged to be undaunted by difficulties; to be as Joshua and Caleb, seeing not the giants, but the possibilities presented by God with whom all things are possible.

There is encouraging testimony of how huge obstacles have been overcome in setting up A21 when the way was paved with prayer. There is a story also of girls of the Muslim faith who prayed to ‘the God of Europe” and of Jesus answering this prayer in rescuing them from the clutches of human traffickers. This after an international call to prayer from someone burdened to pray for girls from the ‘stan’ countries. (These girls were from Uzbekistan.)

‘Undaunted’ is a powerful reminder of a “big God”, who wants us to partner with him in reaching out to a broken world. What is made clear also in this book is that although not all of us are called to start major international ministries, we can all become more aware and more empowered to make a difference in bringing hope and help to others.

Christine Caine is part of the leadership team at Hillsong Church of Sydney, Australia. She is a well known evangelist and speaker internationally. She has  written other books, including ” A Life Unleashed” and “The Core Issue”.

“Undaunted”  has a foreword written by  Max Lucado and is endorsed by Joyce Meyer, who the author describes as her spiritual mother.


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