2020, you ain’t over yet – Lindy-Ann Hopley

We are preparing the nets

A woman commented “false prophet” on one of my videos as I spoke in January of the revival that I see coming in the Spirit in 2020.

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My response:
“Hold up lady! 2020 ain’t over yet!”

I still see it. And we are hearing of glimmers of it coming through the dirt right now in the news. Faith is not what you see in the natural but what you see in the Spirit. That faith comes by the WORD of God! What is the Spirit of the Lord saying? Not media, but GOD!

I am not giving up on what I believe the Lord has destined for this hour. Where there is darkness light shines even brighter. Amen. But how can I be so sure, you may ask? Because I already saw glimpses of it literally days before the shutdown.

Many of you saw the article on the 81-year-old deaf lady whose ears popped open and it was as if heaven exploded and revival was right there. But it didn’t end there. As a matter of fact, it just increased. Soon after I was invited to go preach further north.

The Dalles, Oregon

There was a big war in the Spirit about going or not as restrictions had already started. The pastor of this 400-seater church and myself went back and forth on the phone about whether or not to cancel the meetings, but I told him: “Pastor, I don’t care if only 10 people show up and I end up with barely any offering – I am coming!”

I knew my assignment was to take a stand against corona – against the works of the devil with the fiery word of the Gospel. Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. The morning I was leaving for the 10-hour road trip, I said to God: “If this is not from you, there needs to be a problem at the car rental place”. When I arrived, the man said to me: “I have upgraded you to an SUV at no extra cost”.

God was in it.

The limit of people was 250. We announced that the meetings would continue as usual and about 230 people showed up.
The atmosphere was electric. Fear was already being spread through the media, but those who came were hungry.

I was booked for Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night. It was fire.

No one wanted to leave – the blind saw, the deaf heard, a little girl with dyslexia was instantly healed and could read again without the letters bouncing around on the page. Her parents ran on stage to share the testimony alongside her.

Sunday morning, little children were caught up in the Spirit, weeping – some for more than an hour. It was beautiful.

There was also a girl in a wheelchair. She had been in an accident and hadn’t walked since then, but God touched her in a mighty way and everyone praised the name of Jesus as she got up and walked.

Come on Jesus!
So many more miracles took place.

Next stop – Portland

Precious daughters

I was invited to preach to a group of ladies … little did we know who was hosting us. #divine appointments.

“Lord, did you not say by YOUR STRIPES we are HEALED? Where are the generals? The John G Lakes? Jesus, you reached out and touched the leper, against the law of the land, and he was healed”.

This is what my heart was crying and we found ourselves staying in Portland with two ladies, Leslie and Burtie, a mom and daughter team. Burtie “happened” to be in John G Lake’s Healing Rooms as a little girl with her parents. The tension between faith and “Stay Home, Stay Safe” was growing stronger.

I preached an explosive message on Esther standing up and facing death for a nation’s freedom before the King.

The prophetic was increasing.

Dreams were coming forth like I’ve never seen before – an entire series! Here you can see us praying at John G Lake’s old Healing Rooms. It was powerful. An intercessor from South Africa had already seen me there in a dream. Clearly, God is moving in an unprecedented away.

Westside Vineyard Church, Portland

A powerful confrontation in the Spirit awaited us. One of my intercessors already sent me a dream days earlier of me flying over a “stronghold” in a helicopter. This was it. Everything unfolded just like in her dream. It was wild.

I also dreamt about an open-air theatre and a big freemason stronghold in a cemetery.

This is too long a story, but if you love those kinds of things you are going to love this.


While there, I equipped a wild group of believers in evangelism and did an awesome outreach at the one place in my dream. I also did a spiritual land cleansing prayer at the Freemason stronghold and preached a second time at their church – my first ever zoom audience. #applause.

Heaven’s secret squad

The service was powerful; you can find it on our Facebook page. From there, we – myself and my unexpected sidekick Jana from Germany – made our way back to Redding, California. Quarantine.

During the lockdown, deep compassion, fear of the Lord and righteous anger arose in my Spirit.

And a new movement started to come to life.

Little did I know the magnitude this would carry … now I am daily somewhere between the floor on my knees crying and my laptop working and preaching.

This was the first brainstorm with heaven but has since evolved quite a bit.

Praise the Lord for a beautiful home I have been blessed to stay in these last three months in Redding, USA. It’s as if God knew exactly what I needed.

We are preparing the nets before we go out for the big catch.

The Great Awakening is upon us. Are we ready? Do we really BELIEVE?

Last month I shared with you about God’s Ambulance, an exciting global healing movement mobilising believers to heal the sick.

If you missed it, and you are a healing minister, I invite you to jump aboard as an “ambulance” if you want to be equipped. Join! All creation is waiting for you. If you need healing you can also sign up on our website as a patient. We can’t wait to pray for you.



For more info, upcoming events, to invite or partner with us, visit: beautifulwitness.com.

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  1. Glory to God Almighty,Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit , Be richly blessed dear sister ,Lindy-Ann !!