A trickle becomes a stream, a stream becomes a waterfall

[notice]A response to what is happening prophetically in the world today — A monthly column by Julie de Lisle[/notice]

God’s favour on youth at moment

Last week I attended the four12 conference in Cape Town. The heart of Four12 is: to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith (Ephesians 4:12). It’s vision: a movement of churches and grace-gifted people on a journey together, working in partnership to help one another align themselves to accurately display authentic Christianity for the glory of God on the earth. God is gathering a people around Himself and His purposes. The heart of what Four12 is about is to become God’s dream together; to model the kingdom of God on earth, revealing God’s ways and splendour. Churches are echoing heaven’s cry, “This is it; this is the dream coming alive! The time is now!”

The three days were full of times of exuberant worship, passionate preaching and connecting with friends for around the world. At one of these times God gave me a prophetic word; I saw a small trickles of water starting to flow, cutting across countries and then turning into streams and eventually turning into gushing waterfalls. God is saying I will use even the smallest trickle, and as a way is cut open for it to flow so it will grow and grow. Trickles will start springing up in the driest of places, and even in unexpected places within South Africa and the world. There will be a divine joining of these trickles and rivers and a new working together of churches and my glory and presence and love will flow freely like never before seeing many saved and set free. I believe God is doing something quite unique right now. He seems to have his hand  particularly on the youth of our country, and many other countries at this time. There is a boldness in the young people that’s fresh and there is a zeal, courage and a passion for Gods presence and power that I haven’t seen in a long time. I am not saying that older Christians are not counting any longer, I just believe there is a special something right now on the youth.

Trickles of revival at school and amongst young people
Over the past few months there have been some wonderful stories of the trickles of revival starting in schools and amongst the young people in our country.  Revival breaking out at a  Limpopo Christian school. The Power of God moving in Uitenhage. The church there has been experiencing an increase in miraculous healings, salvations and transformed lives and has become a launching pad for a revival fire that is spreading to schools, families, businesses, church leaders and the wider community.  A wonderful initiative that has quietly been making an impact in the streets of Central in Port Elizabeth.Waves of revival sweeping through SA schools in KZN, starting in Howick. I have seen large groups of our youth coming from across the Cape to gather and worship and pray for hours, seeing many salvations and miraculous healings.

In february, Christian teachers and intercessors launched a 40 day prayer initiative for schools, education and the children, praying at 7:14 every morning. Their main thrust was for God to restore chaos and a breakdown in the education infrastructure.

I am convinced that not only will God respond and is responding to answer their cries, but that part of the reason revival is breaking out in schools is because of the prayers of these dedicated teachers, and many other Christian teachers today praying for their children in their classrooms and schools. What an impact it is having!

Here are three extracts from prophetic words given by reputable prophets at the beginning of 2013.  While reading them I had such a “Yes” moment in God and felt to share them with you for your encouragement. Prophetic words are not just words, they are what is on the very heart of God, they come directly from the throne room of heaven. We are instructed to weigh them, test them, let them resonate our hearts. We need to ask God to reveal to us what is on His heart right now for our churches, businesses, families, schools and countries. Take these words and fight with them, believing that God is more than able, always willing and longing to see His Bride come into Her fullness.

Jane Hamon, The Elijah List:
“This will be a turn-around year for My people. Breakthroughs, miracles, advancement, prosperity, opportunities, will all come into fruition as people shake off the difficulties and discouragement of the past years and arise in faith to see the promises of God come alive even in the midst of an adverse spiritual climate in the earth. I am turning that which has been sent against you for evil to begin to work for your good.” 

Bob Jones:
“God is calling for us to conform to His way with all of our natural being; heart, soul, strength and mind. We are being called to walk the straight and narrow way, the road less travelled or perhaps better known as the highway of holiness. We must surrender to Him the dictates of our own heart in order to walk according to His will.”

Jim Mellard:
“The veil is being pulled back and I am calling forth those that I have kept hidden for a time as this. I see angels being sent forth, moving through the earth and touching the hearts of the ones that have been called for this time and season. Fall in…Fall in The ones that have allowed the Lord to pump revelation and understanding into their hearts. The cry of “Yes, send me Lord, has reached the ears of the King and He is revealing His to the world.”

To the youth I want to say, don’t hold back, God’s favour is on you at the moment. To the teachers, keep praying these effective prayers, your cries are being heard. To the rest of us, let’s keep running hard while allowing the young people to climb on our shoulders so that they can reach higher and go further than we ever could.

I want to encourage you to let us know about revivals in your schools, youth groups and churches. These stories are such an encouragement. They bring hope with them, spark faith in our hearts and give courage to the weary.

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  1. I fully agree to this vital part of our kinship to our Father and His Son, our Brother.
    This is our umbilical cord since our rebirth to the source of ALL, Heaven.
    I am duly encouraged by this article and the Father’s desire to impart His heart via The Holy Spirit.
    Jesus teaches us that we will have a “better time” when the Counsellor and Helper arrives.
    We need to ready and avail ourselves for the outpouring and the unction of the Spirit to achieve and strive for the establishment of His Kingdom through us, the ambassadors of heaven.
    We represent Him and His way of life.
    Freedom from sin, condemnation, oppression, sickness and poverty.
    Thank you Abba Father!!!