Aaron Shust — Morning Rises: Review



I remember a few years ago when I heard the testimony of Mark Hall from Casting Crowns for the first time.  He shared on how he thought that when you give your life to Jesus, the birds would be singing to you daily and the angels will be all around making life easier for you…  This week I want to introduce you to Aaron Shust and his newly released album, MORNING RISES.  This young man has come to know our Savior through many hardships which allows him to worship from a very deep place of knowing, not just hearing. 

We all know that the pain within our family circle touches us the deepest and for Aaron and his wife a difficult, yet triumphant journey began when, with the birth of their son Michael Aaron, they learned that not only was he born with Down Syndrome but also a serious heart defect.  Songs of crying out to God was birthed in these times and in Aaron’s own words: “It was healing for my soul to not only be reminded of what we believe, but to sing those words in praise to the Lord who has plans for us, not to harm us, but to give us hope and a future.” 

In December 2013 this album was birthed through the process of spending four days in the studio of Ed Cash, where Aaron was joined by three of his friends making up “The Band”.   This was so much more than just the recording of an album, as songs of praise and worship filled the room and the Lord of Lords came to dwell among the praises of His people!  Aaron:  “Praising God is like pushing aside the clouds, allowing the Light of the Sun to pierce its way into my darkness.” 

I loved studying the booklet in the cd cover and discovered that included in the songs is loads of scripture references.     

I would recommend that you give an ear to these guys and be stirred in your heart as you are introduced to new sounds and are also beckoned to join the praises with one or two familiar ones. 

Let the worshipper in you arise! 

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  1. John and penny Gooch

    thanks Ellenor,
    Really enjoy your your revues…sounds like this one of Aaron is very uplifting.
    would like to stay in touch with you.guys…you now have our e mail,
    trusting that you, hubby and family are all well. Pl. give Ali and the boys a big hug from us..better still..come and visit!!