ACDP condemns beating and lynching of Christian couple in Pakistan

African Christian Democratic Party President, Rev Kenneth Meshoe.
African Christian Democratic Party President, Rev Kenneth Meshoe.

The ACDP in the strongest possible terms condemns the beating and lynching of a Christian couple in Pakistan accused of desecrating a Qu’ran, says ACDP President Rev Kenneth Meshoe in a media statement released today.

The unfair targeting and killing of Christians, particularly in Iraq and Syria has been in the news for the past few months and seems not to be abating, he says.

The statement continues” “The shocking silence of the international community is very sad and we question whether there is any commitment to peace, justice and human rights for all, including Christians.

“It is absurd to hear that in a country such as Pakistan, where Christians are frequently killed, the law of the land does not define clearly what blasphemy is.

“Reports that all of Pakistan’s minorities felt that the state fails to protect them, and even tolerates violence against them, must be investigated and action should be taken by the United Nations.

“Christians are known to be non-violent and should therefore not be treated as second-class citizens, but rather as equals, deserving of the same protection as any other religion.”

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