ACDP councillors in PE group joining global stand for freedoms

Nelson Mandela Bay ACDP councillors Johanna Lotter and Lance Grootboom (PHOTO: Facebook)

Port Elizabeth will be rising up with more than 40 countries and 150 cities around the world in taking a stand for five important freedoms on Saturday, says Wendy Louw, local leader of a movement that is mobilising citizens to protest against loss of liberty due to excessive coronavirus restrictions.

The five freedoms they will be upholding during their protest in St George’s Park (hospital entrance) from 11am to 1pm on Saturday November 20 are freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of choice, freedom of assembly and freedom of health.

Wendy says that the worldwide movement brings together people of many different beliefs but she is motivated by her godly convictions.

“My group consists of people from many different backgrounds and beliefs, but my leadership is all Christian, and I have been very Spirit led in all my decisions concerning how to go about this, including making the choice to place Lance Grootboom and Marianne Lotter, our new city councilors from the ACDP on my leadership team. The ACDP has been very bold in this season to stand up against issues of injustice. 

“I personally want godly leadership and godly values in every nation. In 2019 God gave me two prophetic dreams alerting me to the agenda behind the vaccine, and this is really what fuels me, my own personal convictions. I also cannot sit back and watch things go down the drain without standing my ground. The Lord has placed a fire in my belly concerning justice and I believe Port Elizabeth deserves to be heard,” she said.

According to the movement’s website, at least five other locations in SA are participating in Saturday’s protest.

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