ACDP wants women to have ultrascans before aborting

Ultrasound picture of baby. (PHOTO: istock via Times LIVE)

Originally published in Times LIVE

The African Christian Democratic Party is proposing a bill to amend the Termination of Pregnancy Act to ensure women receiving an abortion after 12 weeks must first receive an ultra-sound and counselling.

The ACDP’s Cheryllyn Dudley said a mandatory ultrasound would show the women visuals of their foetus to help ensure they know what they are doing.

“It is a huge decision and a decision about life and death. They need information.”

She also wants women considering abortion after 12 weeks to have counselling.

“We want to ensure that women who feel they don’t have any alternative can hear what options are available.

“The bill is to protect women at a very difficult time.

“We need to be society that provides a safety net to these women.”

She also said they needed to be told about adoption as an option.

“No child should ever ever be a child that deserves to die simply because its parents feel they can’t afford a child.”

The bill is open for public comment until August 11. It will then be presented to a parliamentary private bill committee and likely opened for public hearings.

Asked if the failing health system was able to offer every woman wanting to terminate pregnancy an ultrasound‚ Dudley said: “South Africa needs to get with 21st century. It is a simple technology.”

One Comment

  1. Although I commend the ACDP for trying to make a difference by educating women before going through with their abortion decisions, I feel that their efforts are not sufficient nor are they aimed at the root cause of the problem. My first question asks, what about the millions of babies that are aborted before 12 weeks? This too is murder on a massive scale. Scripture tells us that God has ordained all the days of an infants life and that he has even seen the unformed body of babies in the womb as He knits them together (Psalm 139:13-16).
    The epidemic of abortions is the result of a much larger problem, the moral decay that is infesting SA and the world, because of the lack of God as it’s moral compass, is the root of the problem.
    Only when the people are made aware of their sinful lives and get back to a Godly way of living, with His standards being upheld, will they see that fornication (sex before marriage) is the cause of the abortion problem.
    Should the ACDP, as the Christian voice in parliament not be trying to tackle the root cause of the problem rather than attempting to mask its effects? At least they are being heard and are attempting to make a difference. Where is your voice?
    As Christians we too have a responsibility. God has commanded us to be the light that points the way towards the cross of salvation. We need to be actively and consistently praying for God to send his Spirit to convict the nations of their sin, as well as spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ without fear of persecution or rejection. If we want this country and the rest of the world to change we too must take a stand, put on the armour of God and face the onslaught by the enemy, enabling the truth that has set us free to be broadcast far and wide. Our battle is not against the government or evil people or even the prevailing ideas that are infiltrating society, our battle is against Satan himself. Ephesians 6:10-20 will give you insight.
    The ironic thing is, Satan has already been defeated. God has all the power. Whose side are you on? Stand up and be heard.
    Thank you.