AFM endorses Government measures to stop ‘gravy train’

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan,
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan,

The AFM of SA expresses its appreciation for the radical and clear-cut financial control measures announced yestersay by Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, says the AFM in a media statement.

“The Minister deserves our sincere congratulations for the bold and responsible steps taken to control wasteful and fruitless expenditure,” says AFM President Dr Izak Burger, referring to Gordhan’s medium-term budget review which includes slashing expensive perks enjoyed by public servants and politicians. The Government hopes to save more than R2 billion in the belt-tightening exercise which will start on December 1.

The AFM media statement continues: “Over the past few years irresponsible and extravagant spending by several ministers and other high-ranking government officials, have become a source of extreme concern to law-abiding tax-paying citizens.

“The manner in which taxpayer’s money is recklessly spent while the majority of citizens suffer in poverty is shameful and immoral.

“Archbishop Tutu’s concern regarding government’s “gravy-train” at the cost of the over-burdened taxpayer has caused extremely negative attitudes amongst many citizens.
Even though the steps taken by Minister Gordhan may translate into relatively minor savings, it does send a clear message to insensitive and extravagant officials that the party is over.
The Minister’s actions also provide a ray of hope to the nation that government has finally acknowledged the shocking levels of corruption and misuse of taxpayer’s money in South Africa.

“As a Christian Church we applaud you, Minister Gordhan! We pray these measures signal a genuine about-turn by government. We trust these measures will be stringently applied and that adequate monitoring systems will be implemented to monitor its progress.”


  1. What is the AFM of SA?

  2. Dr Burger, dankie dat u altyd bereid is om stand in te neem en vir Onbeskaamd Etiese waardes te staan. Ek is trots om deel van so n dinamiese kerk te kan wees, wat bereid is om op te staan vir wat reg en verkeerd is.

  3. Yes! This is the first light of hope for South Africa. Finance Minister Gordham certainly needs to be applauded for his stand against the shocking extravagance of ANC government ministers and officials which has already gone on for far too long.