African love for Israel will be centre stage in Cape Town next week

Pastor and Mrs Albert Mbenga-Ukulangai.
Reverend and Mrs Albert Mbenga-Ukulangai. Pastor Albert is the founder of Africa Bless Israel which will be launched in Cape Town next week.

Two international events to bless Israel are taking place in Cape Town next week: the media launch of Africa Bless Israel which aims to change Africa’s heart towards Israel, and the All Nations Convocation – Cape Town Breakthrough to Jerusalem which is hosted by the Jerusalem House of Prayer (JHOP).

The Africa Bless Israel launch will be at 6.30pm for 7pm in 1A Hall in the Albow Centre, 88 Hatfield Street, Gardens on Thursday, November 13. The convocation will run from Friday, November 14 to Sunday November 16, at the Lighthouse Family Church, at 275 Voortekker Road, Parow.

The founder of Africa Bless Israel, Rev Albert Mbenga-Ukulangai, was born in Democratic Republic of Congo but he has lived in Cape Town for the past 12 years. He has a vision to add momentum to the growing movement of Christians whose eyes are being opened to Israel’s importance among the nations of the world, says a pre-launch press release.  Rev Mbenga-Ukulangai wants to see the God of Jacob honoured as the Christian community gathers together from the four corners of the continent in a unified stand of solidarity with the nation of Israel, in repentance for past actions against Israel and in the collection of a public offering to bless Israel as referred to in Genesis 12 :1-3 

The guest speaker at the launch will be Pastor Umar Mulinde from Uganda, a convert from Islam, who supports the ABI initiative. Mulinde will be accompanied by clergy representatives from various African countries. The Africa Bless Israel song, specially composed by Pastor John Osa for the launch, will be performed by a local choir in different African languages.

There will be a media launch of Africa Bless Israel in Johannesburg on Tuesday, November 25. General inquiries about Africa Bless Israel can be made to

hessesOrganisers of the All Nations Convocation say they are expecting representatives from every African nation to join in the conference which aims to “open a highway of reconciliation through prayer, worship and salvation from Cape Town to Cairo to Jerusalem, the City of the Great King”.

Guest speakers at the convocation include Tom Hess (Bethlehem Gate Coordinator of JHOP), Pastor Langton Gatsi (Zimbabwe) and Israeli artist, Baruch Maayan.

Inquiries can be made to Maditshaba Moloko, 083 524 4266,, or Joanne Brink, 021 903 0728,




  1. I pray for this initiative to be blessed by Our Lord God on High.

  2. May your efforts be blessed.

  3. I encourage all these pro-Israel initiatives to express their support for Israel by praying and evangelising Israel in the spirit of Paul’s heart in Romans 10:1-4 “that they may be saved” and put their faith in “Christ who is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes”. Please do not replace this loving desire for their salvation with a political, economic support – which even Israel’s own Prophets could not give independently of Israel’s repentance (e.g Jer 29:11-14)

  4. I have the utmost confidence in this being a raging success. Bless all those involved in this initiative and know that the Lord your God is in control. Good Luck