‘Amazing Grace’ released from the north to the south

Piperjames plays Amazing Grace on the beach in Cape Town at an It’s Time-inspired prayer meeting, at the same time as Dan Newell, inset, plays the hymn on a trumpet at It’s Time Pretoria.

At approximately the same time that accomplished British trumpeter Dan Newell played Amazing Grace on the stage at It’s Time Pretoria on October 27, accomplished British piper, Piperjames, played Amazing Grace on the beach at Melkbosstrand, Cape Town, at a prayer gathering inspired by the Pretoria event.

The fact that both It’s Time Amazing Grace players are British is remarkable, as Newell’s nationality was seen as key to his spiritual authority to end the influence of evil powers and principalities that had been brought into South Africa by British colonisers, according to Pretoria Prophetic counselor Brigette Marx, who said a major spiritual breakthrough took place and God’s grace was released over SA as he trumpeted at the prayer event.

WATCH: Piperjames playing Amazing Grace on Melkbosstrand beach

The correspondence between the two men goes further. Both are married to South African women. This is especially interesting as Marx said of Newell’s marriage to his South African wife, Kim: “A marriage represents a covenant. This could mean then that a new covenant should be made among the people of the nation and the nation to God. A covenant of love and protection, that is what a marriage is.

“Prophetically it can also mean that the old covenant SA made in 1902 with the Brittish should be dissolved and be replaced with this new covenant among the people of SA.”

Rozanne Visagie, who attended the It’s Time prayer events in Bloemfontein and Cape Town, said she had offered to organise the Melkbosstrand It’s Time prayer event after Bruce and Danielle Wotherspoon, who initiated a monthly prayer meeting on the beach after they attended It’s Time Bloemfontein last year, said they planned to attend It’s Time Pretoria.

About 250 people from all walks of life gathered on the beach from 11.30am to 2.30pm on October 27, she said.

“We prayed, danced, sang and blew our shofars on the beach in Melkbos in one accord with It’s Time Pretoria,” said Visagie.

‘It’s Time’ prayer gathering on Melkbosstrand beach.

“The sun was brilliant, the sky was blue and the ocean calm as the waves echoed and washed our prayers onto the sea sand, drew them back and carried them around the continent of Africa.

“Table Mountain stood steadfast in the distance. We knelt in the sand and our hearts were full of joy.

“Jesus joined us on the West coast and His gentle breeze touched us on the shore.

“Around 12 noon Piperjames and his wife Ina Murison (who organises the Mighty Men conferences in Cape Town/Malmesbury) arrived to pray with us.

“Piper James had his bagpipes with him. I asked Piper James to play Amazing Grace for us on his bagpipes.

“I did not know that Dan Newell, who plays at the Royal Opera House in London, in the UK, was also asked to play Amazing Grace at the same time in Pretoria, on his trumpet.

“Praise our Lord Jesus and the precious Holy Spirit for connecting Cape Town and Pretoria in such a unique way, through this specific song and through all the prayer points that we raised and for which we interceded. Our prayers were in line with what was prayed for in Pretoria,” she said.

Writing about his experience of the Melkbosstrand prayer time, Piperjames said: “After we all arrived and after the introductions were made and why we had all gathered there, many prayers were conveyed to the people gathered — the same prayer points that Uncle Angus was busy delivering to the crowds from the main stage at Its Time.

“Then, and at approximately the same time as the trumpet sounded Amazing Grace from the stage at the Its Time gathering, I was invited by Rozanne Visagie, to also play on the pipes — Amazing Grace.

“The chains, through the power of music and this time-honoured and amazing tune, were broken as the music echoed from the north of the land and the south and in total sync.

“As the pipes continued to play across the beach an array of beautiful silk banners and flags, all of which were emblazoned with crosses and other biblical references, fluttered in the sea breeze. People were singing and crying out to the Lord, many with their hands held high to the heavens as well.

“After the music ended people were encouraged to break off and into prayer groups, some were also seen in the sea (knee-high at times) as the waves lapped against the shore.

“After one such group finished their prayers and with a very rousing Amen at the end of it; Mighty Men for sure! a great sight was seen as Mighty Man Colonel (retired SANDF Special Forces), Peter Hoogervorst started running into the surf taking in the rather cold waters. Those Special Forces guys, nothing scares them. Brrrrr!

“Many other people that were on the beach and not initially with us to start with ended up joining us and I am sure that they too were inspired by all that had taken place.

“Thank you to the organisers for a wonderfully different kind of Its Time, albeit on the beach.

“God bless you all for the dedication that you have in the unity that is the Body of Christ.”

Updating Gateway News about prayer and worship news from Cape Town, Visagie said she was a volunteer in the  “40 Days of global worship” (24 September-3 November 2017)  initiated by Francis and Mildred Lira from Brazil

More than 200 informal worship events were held in and around Cape Town, including nine she helped organise on the West coast.

“We did prayer walks in Atlantis and Bloubergstrand, flash mobs in shopping centres and a worship weekend at Church on the Rise (AFM Bloubergstrand). During these events, we danced, sang, prayed and blew shofars.

“It was a truly blessed time in Cape Town and it gave a huge momentum to Revival.

“The 40 days helped to fan the flame in the hearts of the Bride of Christ and all who still need to become more passionate about revival.

“There is an End time Harvest that is ripe on the fields and it is important that we as Christ’s ambassadors are bold and wise in this time to spread the Gospel with discernment and Truth.

“On 1 May 2018 we organised another prayer event during the Arise Shine initiative on Blouberg beachfront.

“I subsequently decided to start a Revival Prayer Whatsapp broadcast group, as well as a Revival Prayer Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Revival-Prayer-432198977222243/

“Please feel free to share and like our page so that we can encourage people all over RSA to pray for continued revival.

“We now have about 165 people on the Whatsapp group from RSA, the USA and Countries in Africa, like Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Zambia.

“All prayer warriors are interceding for the many issues that require prayer in our Country, RSA.

“We also pray for Israel and Revival worldwide.

“We furthermore have a group (the group started by the Wotherspoons after It’s Time Bloemfontein) that prays regularly on the beach at Van Riebeeckstrand opposite Ou Skip Caravan Park on every first Saturday of the month at 12 noon,” said Visagie.



  1. Wow! This is not coincidence; this is God! Praise His Glorious Name! ?

  2. This is the only way to restoration in our nation. Man cannot do it. It’s a Wake Up call to all South Africans and our friends.