Amazing Grace trumpeter ushered in ‘mighty victory in the Spirit’

MOMENT OF SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGH: English  trumpeter Dan Newell plays ‘Amazing Grace’ on the platform at ‘It’s Time Pretoria’ alongside Angus Buchan who led the meeting.

As English professional trumpeter Dan Newell played Amazing Grace at It’s Time Pretoria, a woman sitting right at the back of the huge crowd had an open vision of angels evicting evil “rulers and principalities” which had been in South Africa since the British colonial era

It was like watching a movie, while simultaneously receiving a revelation from God about a major spiritual breakthrough for the country, said Pretoria prophetic counsellor and founder of SA Unite In Christ, Brigette Marx in a telephone interview.

Brigette Marx, a Pretoria-based prophetic counsellor and strategist who had a vision of spiritual breakthrough at It’s Time Pretoria on October 27. A married mother of three, she leads AM Ministries and founded SA Unite In Christ.

It also explained the mystery of why Newell had come out at his own expense, just to play Amazing Grace briefly on his trumpet, before flying back to England on the same day that he arrived. What happened in the Spirit while he played was the most significant outcome of the meeting and brought high hopes for the future of our country, she said.

In a post on her Facebook page, which has also been shared extensively via WhatsApp, she explains that because the evil rulers and principalities she saw in her vision had been brought into and established in SA by British colonisers, it required a descendant of the colonisers, like Newell, to stand in the authority of his forefathers and put an end to their influence, which was the “root cause of all the racism and conflict over land expropriation, etc. that we currently see in our country”.

Angels without swords
Describing her vision, she says: “The angels appeared without their swords and did not have to fight, as these rulers and principalities surrendered and moved out of South Africa without resisting, knowing that they had been divested of their power.”

She continues: “Angels then positioned themselves to take up authority in the Spirit, signifying that South Africa was now under another government, another rulership in the Spirit. All the evils of rebellion, corruption, etc. that emanated from colonialism and manifested in the previous government had to be uprooted.

She explains in her post that because the English trumpeter was the correct person for the spiritual assignment, the root of colonialism was broken as he released the sound of Amazing Grace over the land and replaced it “with what he brought to South Africa – grace – AMAZING GRACE!”.

Discussing the It’s Time Pretoria spiritual breakthrough with Gateway News she said while Newell’s trumpeting marked the moment of spiritual breakthrough she believed the victory was a result of an accumulation of spiritual power as a result of more than a million people praying together at the event and in groups around the country on October 27, as well as what had happened at Bloemfontein and Cape Town and at other past reconciliation initiatives.

See video below of Angus Buchan praying at It’s Time with a recording of Dan Newell’s rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ playing in the background.

Informed by Gateway News yesterday that the English trumpeter, Newell’s wife, Kim, is South African, Marx said: “I do not believe that anything is ‘by chance’.

Marriage covenant
“A marriage represents a covenant. This could mean then that a new covenant should be made among the people of the nation and the nation to God. A covenant of love and protection, that is what a marriage is.

“Prophetically it can also mean that the old covenant SA made in 1902 with the Brittish should be dissolved and be replaced with this new covenant among the people of SA.

“I have also heard yesterday that a big battle between the English and the Boers took place on the ground where It’s Time happened. That tells me that the physical ground was significant to what happened, tying everything together.

“In order for Satan to have been able to position his forces over SA, which came with colonialism, there had to be a blood sacrifice and I do believe then that this particular battle might just have been the final blow Satan needed to have positioned his forces.”

Marx said the replacement of the rulers and principalities of darkness with the rule of Christ that was achieved in the spiritual realm on October 27 improved prospects for South Africa to realise its destiny and calling to influence the world.

Restoring godly governance
Christians who accepted her revelation as being from God would also have to decide whether to be part of the miracle by exercising their authority in Christ in their spheres of influence and helping to restore godly order in the nation.

“Spiritually the government had to change in order for it to change in the physical. And I believe we are going to see it everywhere. In the media, in education, in government, we are going to see these pioneers — I believe they are already there;  we are going to see them really stepping up to the forefront. They were trained and prepared for many years. They were just hidden,” she said.

She said she had received lots of reaction — mostly positive — to her vision and revelation. She had received feedback from people as far afield as the United States and England and had received messages from some people who confirmed seeing angels at It’s Time.

Many expressed hope and gratitude that God is moving and said they were expectant for something really good coming to South Africa.


  1. Amen! SA is under Righteous and Just Government. Hallelujah ?

  2. Johan van Greunen

    So let it be written and so let it be done.

  3. I agree I saw a sword that day its final and it had to be a person from England amazing what God is doing breaking the curse and the revival will come

  4. Margaret Cumming

    I agree the British can be blamed for their atrocities but it was also the “Boer” Government that brought in the Antiparthead in full force. It is not one party to blame. It includes all the white leaders. Let us all go on bended knee and pray for Gods mercy.

    • Jannie de Villiers

      Margaret my sister in Christ it is not the time to blame but time to look ahead and move forward looking ahead with our eyes fixed on God
      Almighty leading us in all our hopes for a restored broken nation that went astray together in His sight. Focus on the moment NOW and the wrongs
      of today that there will be repentance! Pray for example for leaders who bow in prayer with others as if “all gods are the same god!” Know that as long as this continues it will surely not go well with S.A!!

  5. I prayed fervently for God’s angels of light to drive out evil powers at the meeting. How graciois is our God that He showed me answers. God is at work, Jesus is coming soon. Are we ready to meet Him?

  6. There’s a lot of interesting history around the Boer War.
    Official reasons for provoking the war were quite flimsy, but the British government was led into the war at the prompting of their international bankers, who wanted control of the goldfields and were prepared to finance the war effort. British soldiers were each given a Christmas gift from the Rothschild’s.
    There was a lot of sympathy for the Boer republics both in Britain and Europe. The war was extremely costly for the British, who had to resort to drastic, barbaric measures to win it: burning farmlands, slaughtering livestock, destroying orchards, demolishing churches, incarcerating women and children in concentration camps, where they died of starvation and disease, keeping prisoners-of-war in camps in India, Ceylon, St Helena, Bermuda, Portugal. The Boer population decimated by this war.
    Boer and Brit can forgive and make peace with each other, but as Christians, we must pray and work bring an end to the evil political systems that cause these wars and enslave us in their usury-based financial systems.

  7. Phil. 1 : 27,28
    Now the important thing is that your way of life should be as the gospel of Christ requires, so that, whether or not I am able to go and see you, I will hear that you are standing firm with one common purpose and that with only one desire you are fighting together for the faith of the gospel. Don’t be afraid of your enemies, always be courageous and this will prove to them that they will lose and that you will win, because IT IS GOD WHO GIVES YOU THE VICTORY.